Your Content and the Cloud

For years, businesses have taken advantage of virtualization or software as a service tools. It’s easy to see why—cloud computing’s economy of scale makes it a highly affordable solution. At 1/7th the cost of maintaining the IT infrastructure in-house, cloud solutions are defining how businesses invest in new technology and applications.

Cloud solutions are highly scalable, reliable, and secure. The cloud allows users to always stay connected without the needed to access a company server. It leverages open standards and APIs making it easy to securely integrate with other cloud services or applications behind the firewall. As a result, the cloud will become the new content hub for managing content.

Cloud computing is emerging as the new IT infrastructure for business and is revolutionizing the way business is conducted by streamlining communications and processes. With the cloud, professionals can connect to content anywhere on any device.

Private, Public, or Both

Business users want to connect with their content anywhere and on any device. They do not care where it resides—on a corporate server or in the public cloud—as long as they can access it. The IT department has to determine which type of content environment—private or public or a mix of both—that the organization is going to implement and support.

Businesses of all sizes struggle with how to successfully manage content, store it and access it. Content needs to be available in a secure manner or be searchable and adhere to increasingly strict governance policies. IT departments are challenged with meeting these demands in a cost effective way.

The Challenge

As a result, many organizations need help navigating private and public cloud computing solutions and optimizing it to fit their specific content and business needs. For example, businesses need to understand what content they need to keep in a private cloud (or behind a firewall) and what content can be stored in a public cloud environment. How do companies integrate content between different cloud applications and customize it?

The Solution

Zia Consulting provides services to design, deploy, customize, and integrate a Cloud Service strategy. Our consultants are experts in managing content, regardless of where is resides—either in a private or public cloud. Our consultants will help you optimize your cloud environment so that you can effectively manage your content and provide secure access to it on multiple devices.

What sets Zia apart from other IT consulting firms is our deep understanding of the business requirements related to enterprise content. By combining expertise in content management, application development, mobile and cloud computing, Zia helps businesses identify how to best leverage cloud solutions to cost effectively manage your content and make it available to users.
It’s about extending business information and processes so that users can connect anywhere to business content—even across multiple platforms, devices and locations.

Zia’s Cloud Professional Services

  • Enterprise cloud assessments
  • Development and deployment of cloud services
  • Content migrations to the cloud
  • Scalable multi-tenant cloud solutions
  • Cloud customizations to fit your company’s business needs
  • Cloud support and training
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