Document Management Made EasyThe legacy of document management systems is one of complexity, both for implementers and users alike, which is why for most organizations email applications and shared drives are still the dominant form of “document management” and why many ECM technologies are best known as “shelfware”. But there is an alternative, offering users a content management system that works the way they do today without the need for changes in business process or the use of multiple disparate applications to solve business problems.

Document Management that Works the Way You Do

Zia provides users with Easy ECM Solutions™ that “work the way they do, using the tools they use today,” so users aren’t forced to use alternatives that don’t fit your Enterprise IT strategy.  Our Easy ECM Solutions leverage tools like Office Integration and Cloud Sync to deliver content management systems that work–and since they are built on a single Content Hub, information is available where you need it, when you need it.

Principles of Easy ECM Solutions Include:

  • Automated rule / behavior-based document routing
  • Classification & Extraction of documents within the business process
  • ECM Anywhere with Cloud Sync, Desktop Sync, and Secure External Collaboration
  • Case Management with Alfresco Workdesk
  • Microsoft Office integration with Alfresco Office Workdesk
  • Email Integration for Microsoft Outlook and hosted email
  • Application Integration to ERP, CRM, and more
  • Available Anywhere with On-Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid
  • Available on Anything with Alfresco Mobile and Mobile Workdesk

When your document management tools fit into the daily work habits of employees you can reduce barriers to adoption, reduce duplication of efforts and errors with one central document repository, increase productivity with automated processes, keep control of your data by reducing use of external tools, and more.

Easy ECM Solutions are built for enterprise-wide deployments, as well as individual corporate functions including:

  • Human Resources: Claims, Benefits, Employee Applications
  • Tax & Corporate Legal Documents
  • Contracts Management for Procurement
  • Sales & Channels Contracts
  • Corporate Marketing solutions featuring Crafter + Alfresco
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