Easy Records ManagementConnecting Creators with Compliance

The legacy of Records Management (RM) systems is one where RM solutions have traditionally been designed for dedicated compliance officers rather than content creators, deployed in a standalone environment that is disconnected from corporate collaboration and ECM systems.   This duplication of effort–moving documents from ECM to RM systems and back again–adds tremendous cost and complexity to the management of information within the enterprise and leads to the increased probability of non-compliance from errors during this process.

At the same time, the requirements to comply with an ever-increasing number of regulations and oversight from a growing number of regulatory agencies has made this job more critical than ever.  Ultimately, any solution must be delivered in a cost-effective manner appropriate for today’s budget realities.

Records Management that Works the Way You Do

Zia provides Easy Records Management (Easy RM) Solutions that work the way you do, connecting those who are creating content with the compliance process.  Easy RM incorporates the tools you use on a daily basis, reducing barriers to implementation and widespread usage.  Whether it’s “in-process” records management, automated declarations of records, or intelligent rules for file plans, our Easy RM solutions simultaneously increase productivity and compliance.  Additionally, Easy RM Solutions are built on a single DoD5015.02 certified Content Hub for document and records management, reducing duplication and wrong version usage.

Principles of Easy RM Solutions include:

  • “In Process” Records Management
  •  Automated Declaration of Records
  •  Intelligent Rule-Based File Plan
  •  Single DM/RM Repository – DoD5015.02 Certified
  •  Microsoft Office integration with Alfresco Office Workdesk
  •  Email Integration for Microsoft Outlook and hosted email
  •  Application Integration to ERP, CRM, and more
  •  RM Anywhere with On-Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid Solutions
  •  Mobile Records Management with Alfresco Mobile and Mobile Workdesk

When your records management tools fit into the daily work habits of employees, you can reduce barriers to adoption, reduce duplication of efforts and errors with one central repository, increase productivity with automated processes, and keep control of your data by reducing use of external tools.

In addition, Easy RM Solutions provide traditional RM functionality such as:

  •  Capture of Records
  •  Management of Records
  •  eDiscovery
  •  Access Control
  •  Disposition of Records

zia-rmnowIntroducing RMNow

Training and Assessment Package for Alfresco One with Records Management

As one of the only Alfresco partners with substantial experience implementing this module, Zia Consulting is the leading provider of education and evaluation for Alfresco RM-related projects. RMNowis a custom 3-day program that includes 2 days of RM training and a 1-day assessment of your RM needs.

Learn more now.