Invoice AutomationFor most organizations, the vast majority of invoices are still processed as “paper,” regardless of whether they arrive as printed documents or electronic versions such as PDFs, Word documents and others. To process these invoices, many accounts payable departments still rely on mostly manual processes, despite the fact that studies have shown that companies that implement automated invoice processing have costs that are up to four times less per invoice. Whether it’s the paper cost or people cost, or missed supplier discounts or late payment penalties, the costs can be significant for even the smallest of companies.

Given the well-documented potential for cost savings, why haven’t more organizations moved towards invoice automation systems? For many it’s as simple as the challenge that “no two invoices are the same.”  Given the differences in each document, where do you find details like invoice number, PO number, subtotal, taxes, supplier details, dates, and more? In the past, solutions have been based on setting up invoice “templates” with limited success, or have tried to define a comprehensive list of variables, only to find changing invoice formats and fields.

Introducing ZiaOne IAS™ – Invoice Automation System

Zia’s experience providing invoice automation solutions to a wide range of enterprises and agencies across the public and private sector has enabled the creation of our ZiaOne Invoice Automation System (IAS) featuring:

  • Automated Invoice Processing from ANY Source (Email, Web Upload, Mobile Capture), in ANY Form (Paper, PDF, Word)
  • Intelligent Capture Technology for Classification & Extraction (Extraction as a Service)
  • Integration with your Accounting/ERP System (Not Replacing It)
  • Zia OneView for End-to-End Analytics

Why Zia Consulting?

Zia Consulting delivers a wide range of content services for Accounts Payable departments and other Financial Operations including Supply Chain Management, Procurement, and more. We work closely with our partners and customers to specifically design and deliver solutions for invoice automation while focusing on delivering measurable business results—reducing costs, accelerating revenue, and providing enhanced visibility into your information.

Zia OneView™
  • End-to-End Analytics
  • Initiate, Validate, Track, Close
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Integration
  • Reporting Systems Integration
  • Compliance Systems Integration
Extraction as a Service™
  • Intelligent Document Capture (IDC) Technology
  • Classification & Extraction without Bar Codes / Separator Pages
  • OCR / ICR
  • Bulk Processing (Mailroom Automation)
  • Individual Documents (In Process Capture)
  • Cloud or On-Premise
  • Integrated with Current Systems