HR Employee Performance Review-2Across the lifecycle of Human Resources–from recruiting to termination—the business processes involved are some of the most document-centric of any part of an organization. As a result, there has been a growing focus on HR as an area that is ready for ECM Modernization. For many companies, the cost and complexity of HR document processing is the leading ECM challenge they are facing today. For others, it’s concerns around control and compliance, driven by a lack of adoption of complex legacy ECM systems, and evidenced by continued sharing of HR Documents by email, shared drives, or consumer cloud sharing technologies like Dropbox or

HR Document Automation Solutions

The cost and complexity of issues associated with HR ECM are often centered on two main topics. First, many organizations are still manually processing HR documents—from applications to on-boarding to status changes—which is expensive, slow, and often error-prone. Second, the lack of transparency in the process leads to poor “customer service,” as applicants and employees are often unsure of the status of their request until it is finally completed.

To address these concerns, Zia has created HR Document Automation Solutions that deliver:

  • ROI in less than 9 months
  • 50% increase in productivity
  • Improved “customer” (applicant/employee) satisfaction
  • Enhanced compliance
  • Actionable analytics

Zia Document Automation Solutions are powered by Alfresco and apply a role-based case management methodology to the business of processing documents. Leveraging “smart templates” created for HR use cases and also the advanced workflow capabilities, Zia Document Automation Solutions feature:

  • Ingestion of Documents from Any Source – paper, fax, email, upload
  • Advanced Viewing – including annotation and redaction
  • Intelligent Capture – automating the classification and extraction process
  • Enterprise Integration – delivery to HR/HCM systems from SAP to Oracle/Peoplesoft
  • Electronic/Digital Signature
  • Secure Applicant/Employee Sites – for download, upload, status

Easy ECM Solutions for HR

Whether in a Fortune 500 HR department or within the public sector, many HR organizations have relied on legacy ECM vendors with complex and costly offerings that users are forced to accept, rather than working the way they want to work. Alternatively, they have tried to use HR/HCM systems that weren’t designed for document/records management or built for collaboration. The result is “ECM avoidance,” with users finding ways around their ECM system—utilizing email, shared drives, or cloud technologies like Dropbox or

Today there is an alternative: Easy ECM Solutions for HR, powered by Alfresco and delivered by Zia Consulting. Zia understands that when systems are easy-to-use and leverage existing tools like Office or Google Docs, the result is increased utilization and an improvement in control and compliance. Our Easy ECM solution delivers document and records management that are as simple as using email or file systems, with the power of enterprise-class CMS features and functionality.

Easy ECM Solutions for HR deliver role-based HR case management with Alfresco Workdesk, enabling users to see the right content, at the right time, based on their business role. Highlights include:

  • Simple Internal AND External Collaboration
  • Email and Office Integration
  • Enterprise Search
  • Mobile HR Document Management
  • Simplified Records Management
  • Document Migration Tools

Zia’s Easy ECM Solutions for HR address the tug-of-war between the “wants” of users, with the “needs” of Enterprise IT, by delivering Simple + Smart + Connected + Controlled.


  • Simple Collaboration – Internal and External
  • Email and Office Integration
  • Enterprise Mobile


  • Workflow Automation – Initiation, Collaboration, Review
  • Tasks and Reminders with Email/Calendar Integration
  • Document Assembly
  • Electronic Signature


  • HR/HCM Integration
  • Email Integration – Outlook + Gmail
  • Productivity Applications – Office + Google Docs
  • “Paperless” Solutions with Intelligent Capture


  • Easy Records Management
  • Auto-classification
  • Retention &andDisposal Policies
  • Simplify IT – Deploy, Manage, Support – across departments and offices, around the globe

Simple + Secure HR Solutions
  • Recruiting
  • On-boarding
  • Management
  • Termination/Resignation