Zia Consulting’s Insight for Ephesoft is an application monitoring software add-on for Ephesoft that provides detailed reporting and metrics on the performance of your Ephesoft Intelligent Document Capture system.  With Ephesoft you have the ability to assemble, classify, and extract data from your documents.  One of the primary goals for a document capture system is to do all of this with as little manual corrections as possible.   The detailed reporting that Insight provides allows both IT and managers to identify potential bottlenecks during the capture process and fine tune the system’s classification and extraction rules and thresholds to help reduce the number of manual corrections required.



The Technology:

Ephesoft Intelligent Document Capture works by training the system to understand a company’s documents so that they can be properly assembled, classified and have the correct fields extracted. As a document goes through the system, information is extracted and a workflow process begins to approve and validate the information.The goal is to reduce the need for manual corrections to the data.To do this, Insight monitors Ephesoft’s performance over time and captures information about the correction process in order to identify where potential bottlenecks may be. As a result you can quickly fine tune the system for maximum performance and increased ROI.

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Key Features:

  • Easy to use graphical interface
  • View high level performance metrics
  • Drill down into specific batch instances or to individual documents to view the correction details
  • Available reports include:
    • Document Corrections
    • Field Corrections
    • Classification Corrections
    • Separation Corrections
    • Unnecessary Reviews
    • False Positives
    • Batch Corrections