Content Solutions Summit 2016 Recap

Solving the challenges of managing documents and records A successful event is in the books! We’re thankful to all those who attended and were engaged throughout the day with questions and comments. Attendees at the Content Solutions summit were able to gain knowledge from presentations and forge relationships with peers, including quite a few existing […]

Content Solutions Summit: Modern, Automated, Secure ECM

Hear about Alfresco roadmaps, Sony Pictures, Zia Cloud Services, and other timely ECM topics. We’re excited to be hosting the Content Solutions Summit in Los Angeles on August 9, 2016. The event is being held at the Los Angeles Athletic Club, free of charge for qualified attendees, and features solutions based on the Alfresco ECM and […]

Content Solutions Summit: Let’s Talk Mortgage

Learn about mortgage solutions at our Content Solutions Summit There are many reasons to attend the Content Solutions Summit in Los Angeles on August 9th—regardless of your industry. However, there are certain topics being covered that will be of specific interest to those in the mortgage and banking industry. During the Summit, we will focus […]

Webinar Recap: Moving on From Kofax—Why, How, and Where?

Webinar Recap: Moving on From Kofax – Why, How, and Where? The whirlwind of activities recently seen around Kofax has left questions about whether it’s time to move on. Our webinar discussed that while not everyone is ready to make the move, for many the “why” to move away from Kofax has become more clear. However, […]

Wrap Up: 2016 IASA Annual Conference

Learnings From the Event This year’s IASA Annual Conference lived up to its promises—and we were excited to make our automation solutions a part of it. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth and guessed how many Legos were in the jar…the correct answer was 524! Congratulations to our winner who guessed 523! This […]