Now that you understand the importance of having a Records Management (RM) tool that is easy-to-use and compliant, it’s time to take the next step and implement Alfresco One with Records Management. Built into Alfresco, this information governance solution makes it easy for end users to work with files and have them declared as records at the right time–without changing the way the users work.

With the Alfresco One Records Management module, you’ll get:

  • Simple Records Filing
  • In-Place Record Declaration
  • Automated Declaration
  • Dynamic Record Folders
  • File Plan
  • Record Disposition
  • Rapid eDiscovery
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Freeze and Hold

So, how can you ensure success with this module? 

zia-rmnowIntroducing RMNow

Training and Assessment Package for Alfresco One with Records Management

As one of the only Alfresco partners with substantial experience implementing this module, Zia Consulting is the leading provider of education and evaluation for Alfresco RM-related projects. RMNow is a custom 3-day program that includes 2 days of RM training and a 1-day assessment of your RM needs.

During the training portion, an expert instructor will work with up to 10 people from your organization (either onsite or at our office) to suitably prepare them for administrative use of the RM module.

Topics discussed during training sessions include:

  • An Introduction to Records Management
      • What is Records Management?
      • Comparison of Records Management and Document Management
      • Compliance
      • Alfresco Records Management
      • Getting Started
  • Setting up a File Plan
  • Disposition Schedules
  • Filing Records
  • Users and Security
  • Filing Emails and Physical Records
  • Records Search
  • Vital Records
  • Disposition Reprised
  • Automating the File Plan
  • Auditing
  • Export/Import and Installation
  • And More…

During the assessment day, an experienced project manager will discover and evaluate your RM needs. They will review your goals, determine business requirements, and review application and IT architecture. Upon finalizing this business and technical assessment, we’ll build a project roadmap. This includes a project management and implementation plan, success criteria, and adoption matrix.

Zia provides you with all the tools and training necessary to successfully implement and sustain the Alfresco One with Records Management module. Work with the partner who has the most RM experience and the best training available.

We are now scheduling RMNow engagements through the end of the year – contact us today to secure your spot!