Content Modernization for Government

Zia Consulting is focused on content solutions in two key areas: Automation Systems to streamline your document processes, saving time and money across your agency; and providing ECM solutions that work the way you do (“EasyECM”), replacing existing tools, processes, and systems to deliver better content management, control, and collaboration.

Across every layer of the government, agencies and departments are faced with the competing requirements of cutting costs while at the same time providing enhanced constituent services.  In addition, they are trying to manage exponentially growing amounts of information coming from a wide range of sources both traditional and social.  Finally, they are forced to comply with regulations and mandates covering areas such as Paperless ECM requirements and eFiling for Courts.

To address these differing requirements, Zia Consulting provides Content Modernization Solutions focused around two primary areas that deliver measurable results: Document Automation and “Easy ECM” systems that “work they way that you do.”

Content Modernization with Document Automation Systems

How do agencies more efficiently and effectively capture and process documents to save money, provide better service, deliver actionable data metrics, and more?  By replacing manual processes and ineffective legacy technologies, Zia’s Document Automation Solutions provide measurable benefits across a wide range of use cases including:

  • Paperless Document & Records Management utilizing Intelligent Capture
  • Agency Invoice Processing with the ZiaOne Invoice Automation System
  • eForms and Portal Systems for Online Applications, eFiling, and more

Easy ECM Solutions

How do agencies provide users with ECM solutions that work the way they do, using the tools they use today? How can companies ensure that users aren’t forced to use alternatives that don’t meet security or reliability needs or fit with their agency’s IT strategy? Whether it’s replacing email or the shared drive as primary ECM tools, or replacing legacy ECM systems that cost too much and don’t work anyway, Zia’s Easy ECM solutions deliver the controls, compliance, and collaboration that is needed.

Departmental areas of focus include:

  • Human Resources, Tax, and Legal
  • Finance, Accounting, and Procurement
  • Sales and Channels

Zia EasyECM Solutions include:

  • Case Management
  • Contracts Management
  • Migration / Consolidation of legacy ECM systems
  • Multi-repository solutions
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Email Integration for Microsoft Outlook and hosted email

Procurement and Compliance

Zia also brings the knowledge, background, and partnerships to address two other primary areas of concern with any government solution: compliance and procurement.  We have experience in designing solutions for:

  • FISMA Compliance
  • Section 508 Compliance
  • DOD5015.2 Certification for Records Management

In addition, we understand the government procurement process from RFI to RFP to purchasing via the GSA Advantage program.  For that reason, we’ve created a series of teaming agreements with the GSA contract holders of our leading technology partners so that we can provide authorized GSA quotations directly from Zia in a consolidated manner.

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