Zia Consulting’s ZSign is an add-on for Alfresco, allowing users to electronically sign documents within their repository.  It’s the ideal solution for executive, finance, legal, sales, and HR personnel to execute contracts, purchase orders, expense reports, work orders, timesheets, addendums, and much more.

Whether you are in the private or public sector, ZSign allows organizations to recognize the full benefits of going paperless by eliminating the need to print out, route, wet-sign and rescan documents. Additionally, ZSign can be used with Alfresco’s workflow to allow document signing to be integrated within the approval processes to streamline execution of these documents.

Why ZSign?

The majority of electronic and digital signature products in the market today are cloud-based solutions, preventing their adoption in many organizations where the passing of content into the cloud may be prohibited or simply not preferred.  Because the ZSign secure electronic signature solution lives within your content repository with no external access needed, companies are not restricted in this manner.

In addition, the simple pricing model of ZSign with an annual subscription compares favorably to most other products where per-user pricing or even per-signature pricing is the norm.  In most cases, the overall cost of ZSign is a fraction of what others might charge for a digital or electronic signature solution.

Key Features of ZSign

  • Creates a legal signature, compliant with eSign ACT & UETA
  • Dual-level authentication assures signature matches the user
  • Allows for multiple signatures on documents
  • Automatically creates a secure PDF
  • Stamp seals and certificates to documents
  • Integration with Alfresco workflows
  • On-premise for security, not cloud-based

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