Court Modernization

The Business Challenge

Across the country, courts at all levels are working to modernize their document systems and processes, addressing issues ranging from capturing paper-based information, to the launch of e-Filing applications, to migration from legacy content management systems. Some are considering mobile initiatives and others are looking towards cloud technologies; virtually all looking to save money while at the same time providing a better service to judges, administrators, and other users, and also comply with a growing range of “eCourt” mandates.

Zia Solutions

To address these needs, Zia Consulting and Alfresco have partnered to provide a wide range of content services for courts–designing and delivering solutions at the local, state, and federal level. While many eCourt-focused “point solutions” are available, these applications leave the courts with silos of content, compared with using Alfresco as a technology platform delivering solutions for a truly “Content Connected” court.

As Alfresco’s Partner of the Year, Zia Consulting is the leading expert on implementing, customizing, and integrating Alfresco for your needs. In addition, Zia consultants understand how to effectively integrate enterprise content management technologies with your existing applications from ECM, to ERP, to CRM to provide a complete solution for managing your valuable content. Zia provides secure managed cloud services to meet the requirements of courts and judicial organizations and is the leading provider of enterprise mobile content management and case management solutions.

Zia eCourt offerings include:

  • e-Filing Solutions
  • Intelligent Document Capture
  • Case Management
  • Document & Records Management
  • Content Migration Services
  • Workflow/BPM
  • Secure Mobile
  • Managed Cloud

Alfresco Enterprise Content Management

Alfresco is how great businesses share, organize, and protect their content. Nearly 7 million people in over 180 countries use Alfresco Enterprise, Cloud, Mobile, and Community to manage over 4 billion files worldwide. An increasing number of government organizations are choosing Alfresco for a wide range of benefits from cost effectiveness, to open standards, to the flexibility of the Alfresco platform. Alfresco was founded in 2005 by John Newton, co-founder of Documentum, and John Powell, former COO of Business Objects, and is the only enterprise content management system that you can use in the cloud, on-premise, or both.


“As more businesses require mobile capabilities as a competitive advantage, we are excited to award Zia Consulting ‘Partner of the Year’ for their extraordinary use of Alfresco solutions to further deliver on a major need in today’s market,” said John Powell, CEO of Alfresco. “We’re thrilled to offer best-in-class enterprise products combined with Zia’s industry leading technology to deliver mobile solutions that enable partners to provide more effective, robust, easy-to-use applications in social content management.”

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