Fresh Project – Project Management for Alfresco Enterprise

Project Management for Alfresco

Project Management for Alfresco Enterprise

Most organizations are budget conscious and need to provide a quick win to demonstrate the effectiveness of an ECM implementation. Zia Consulting’s Fresh Project is an Alfresco Enterprise 3.3 and up Share customization that allows organizations to quickly and cost-effectively set up a project management for Alfresco solution to help teams collaborate and effectively manage project documentation. Fresh Project leverages enterprise content management technology to help organizations collaborate, document, and execute projects with confidence!

Key Features

  • Secure so that only appropriate individuals are editing the project template.
  • Simple access control via custom data lists control the user and group access of project sites that are created from the template.
  • Project Management Institute (PMI) based folder structure and data roll ups are based on best practices. The default template is customizable for your organizations specific needs.
  • Configurable UI for Site Dashboard allows you to change the default dashboard for new project sites created.
  • Project tracking by custom data lists allow project statuses to be controlled at a site level
  • Project and Portfolio Status shown by custom dashlet roll up allows managers to see status of multiple projects in a single view
  • Highlighted search results make searching for relevant information simple
  • Filter large data lists
  • Promote project risks to issues in Alfresco data lists
  • Business Intelligence Integration done via CSV
  • Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Document templates
    • Initiation
    • Planning
    • Execution
    • Control
    • Closeout


  • Little to No IT Involvement
  • Low Cost
  • Highly Scalable
  • Rapid Implementation
  • Increased Team Collaboration
  • Easy Document Management
  • Powerful Search

New Version available with upgrade which includes MS Project Integration:

  • Integration of Tasks
    • Tasks from the project schedule are integrated into data lists within Alfresco.  A given MS Project file correlates to a specific schedule data list and entries in the data list correlate with the tasks in the project schedule.  As long as the assigned username in MS Project matches a username in Alfresco, that user in Alfresco will be assigned the task in the data list.  When tasks are updated or marked as complete in the data list, the newly download project file will show that change.  Likewise if tasks are completed in the project file, then those changes will be reflected in the data list when the project file is uploaded again to Alfresco. Also, if a task that has been previously assigned to a resource has a change to either the start or end date, a notification will be sent to the assigned resource.
  • Integration of Gantt Chart
    • The corresponding Gantt chart from the project file will be shown in Alfresco Share. Using JS code, a Gantt view of the project schedule will be shown in a Share dashlet and updated each time a new version of the project schedule is checked into the Alfresco repository.
Please note that Fresh Project is not currently available for Alfresco Community Edition.

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