Low confidence extraction, before the Vidado handwriting extraction integration:


Higher confidence extraction, after the integration:


Historically, we have had a difficult time creating highly accurate solutions for our customers that have to extract handwriting. While some Ephesoft Transact projects can utilize RecoStar fixed-form extraction, for certain use cases it is not always possible. For this reason, we have partnered with Vidado and created an integration with Ephesoft Transact.

While Vidado can perform well with fixed-forms, this integration gives us the best of both worlds so we can leverage handwriting recognition of semistructured and unstructured documents.  This helps in situations where some scans can be handled by Ephesoft, while others with lower confidence can be enriched and then handled through the same operator workflow. When we detect a low confidence extraction in Ephesoft Transact, we can send the questionable field values to Vidado. This is all done before a document reaches an operator. This means that handwritten extraction will be automated—reducing the time to process documents—and existing implementations of Ephesoft Transact can leverage the integration without any operator training.

Watch the video below to see the power of the integration and call us for more information.

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