Solving SharePoint Alfresco IntegrationZia Consulting delivers Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions that address the content chaos within your enterprise and the need to better manage and secure your most important documents.

Across both the public and private sector, companies have made an investment in SharePoint and it is clear that SharePoint isn’t going to simply disappear from your daily operations. Users demand it, but IT really struggles with it, and often it grows out of control with hundreds or even thousands of poorly managed sites. Instead of looking to replace SharePoint, executives often want to implement control and compliance around it—essentially, a co-existence strategy. Companies need SharePoint to work for their users, but at the same time manage the complexity, bloat, archival, and governance needs of the business.

Our Adhere solution focuses on solving SharePoint by identifying and classifying critical content, integrating SharePoint + Alfresco, streamlining business processes, and then delivering content security, information governance, and federated search. Built by the most experienced partner in the Alfresco ecosystem, Zia Consulting, Adhere provides the SharePoint solution that your business needs.

Zia has established strategic partnerships with leading technologies to collaborate on SharePoint/Alfresco integration and synchronization. Building on that integration, Adhere then adds the advanced workflow, document classification, information governance, and document security that are critical to solve your SharePoint sprawl.

In addition, while most organizations are looking to manage, rather than replace, their SharePoint sites, our Adhere Solution can also migrate your content from SharePoint to Alfresco, when required. These migrations leverage ActiveMigrate methodology from Zia and can be either a full migration or simply a migration of active content (a “lazy” migration).

Solving SharePoint – Adhere for Alfresco includes:

* SharePoint/Alfresco Integration & Synchronization
* Enterprise Search: Alfresco, SharePoint, LegacyECM
* SharePoint + Alfresco Business Processes
* Alfresco Records Management with SharePoint
* Embedding Capture

*SharePoint is a trademark of the Microsoft group of companies.

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