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Managed and Cloud Services

Reduce costs and increase productivity while minimizing risk with managed and cloud services

Many organizations struggle to deliver the full potential of their content management, governance, and automation programs. Zia offers several flexible options to manage your application platforms including on-premise, in your existing cloud, or in the Zia Cloud.  Each program is customized to your specific needs based on your organization requirements and objectives.  

Zia Managed and Cloud Services allows your organization to leverage a secure, controlled and scalable environment – anytime, anywhere, and managed by the most experienced resources. 

Managed and cloud services give your organization immediate flexibility, agility, and productivity gains. You’ll also have the ability to deploy new processes rapidly and gain value by automating time consuming tasks and redeploying valuable internal resources to critical business processes.

EBOOK: Zia’s Cloud and Managed Services Offering
Read how to manage your IT infrastructure and cloud environment with Zia’s processes, strategies, and tools.

Problems We Solve in Managed Services

If you’re struggling with process inefficiencies, human errors, increasing costs, or lack of scalability, the experts at Zia Consulting can develop a customized solution for your needs.

Legacy ECM Systems

Security and Scalability

Experience immediate flexibility, agility, and productivity by leveraging a secure, controlled, and scalable environment – anytime, anywhere.

Failed ECM Projects

Operational Inefficiencies

Our flexible options to manage your application platforms on-premise, in your existing cloud, or in the Zia Cloud allow you to customize your infrastructure and computing resources on an as-needed basis.

Legacy ECM Systems

Expensive Processes

Meet new and evolving requirements without costly hardware. Realize the value of your investment, remain competitive, and provide exceptional service to your customers and stakeholders.

Failed ECM Projects

Lack of Resources, Experience, and Time

Stop spending valuable time procuring and deploying hardware and software environments on-premise. Use our highly qualified staff to implement new features and processes in a timely manner.

Why Use Managed and Cloud Services


Managed services makes companies two to three times more likely to innovate and re-engineer knowledge work.



A global survey of about 4,000 business and IT leaders found that nearly 65% of businesses saw an average of 10% in cost savings from moving to the cloud.



Managed services allows companies to outpace their peers with 1.2 to 2.7 times greater cost reduction than their migration counterparts.


What You Can Expect

Inurance Claims Processing Solutions


Redeploy valuable resources so they are highly available, patched, and upgraded.

Mortgage Loan Document Automation


Deploy new features and processes two to three times faster.

ECM Solutions for Line of Business Applications


Reduce risk with expert managed systems with monitored protocols.

Content Management for Government Agencies


Meet industry and corporate requirements.

Manufacturing Document Solutions


Partner with a single organization that is responsible for service delivery.

Manufacturing Document Solutions

Cost Reduction

Save money with economy of scale, world-class tools, and industry best practices. 

The Zia Difference


You own your data – No ingress, egress/regress fees


Upgrades and patching are included in the Zia Cloud


You can leverage your existing tenant/cloud provider


No uplift on cloud provider infrastructure fees


We operate as an extension of your existing IT&S team


You will have flexibility and transparency on management of activities


Integrations and/or custom applications can be included

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