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Enterprise Integration and Federation

Seamlessly integrate with existing line of business applications and access all content in a single view.

Zia Consulting understands that your corporate business applications—ERP, CRM, and more—are often the technologies that run your enterprise.  

That’s why nearly all of our ECM and document capture projects are also enterprise integration projects. Our solutions work with third-party and proprietary applications to ensure the tools you need are accessible to your employees.

Our vast experience with numerous applications—both commercial and proprietary—allows us to build complete solutions. Whether you are deploying your business process completely on-premise, completely cloud-based, or a hybrid combination, Zia offers enterprise integration solutions to meet your needs.


Learn how Zia solutions easily integrate with existing applications.


Solutions for Enterprise Integration Include:

ERP Accounting Systems Enterprise Integration

ERP and Accounting Systems

CRM Enterprise Integration


Business Intelligence Enterprise Integration

Business Intelligence

WEM Enterprise Integration

WEM/WCM and Portal

Legacy Integration

Companies have made large investments in legacy systems which can be expensive and hard to replace. We can help you integrate your legacy or customer built systems with new or existing technologies to ensure that information in the legacy system can be easily accessed and incorporated into your business processes.

Full Enterprise Integration

For companies that want to integrate across multiple technologies, Zia offers full enterprise integration services that leverage best-of-breed technologies. Using ESB tools, we are able to create a reusable integration layer, making it easier and cost effective to connect across multiple systems.


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Professional Services, Application
Integration, and Trainings

We offer a variety of services, integration, and training to help you connect with your content anywhere. Our services range from designing, customizing, implementing, and integrating your business applications. We have done it all.

We work with you to understand your business needs and content requirements, so we can recommend and provide integration services with immediate value to your IT team and end-users. Using Agile development methodology, we achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction by delivering complete sets of functionality early and often. This approach provides solutions and results quickly for our customers.

Content Federation and Manage In-Place

Companies frequently speak to us about modernizing their content management systems and automating their business processes. They often want to know how they can efficiently manage ever-expanding amounts of data. In other words, they could use a highly-integrated content services solution. After all, the average company’s data will double every two to four years.

Research shows that unstructured content accounts for anywhere from 70-90% of an average company’s data. This unstructured content is the fastest-growing type of content. Companies can manage their growing number of repositories—and the content within those repositories—with federation technology.

Federation technology uses pre-built and custom-built connectors to various system APIs to tie content repositories and line of business applications together. Therefore, the worker accesses the federated content through their core content management system with one unified search tool. After that, the worker easily pinpoints where customers and records reside. As a result, they take action on the identified content and it does not have to be pulled into the core content management system.

This ability is called “manage in-place.” Above all, by streamlining these content processes, you’ll see a drastic increase in worker productivity and employee engagement.


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