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Automation in the Telecommunications Industry

Stop doing manual tasks that take away from productivity, customer and employee satisfaction, and time spent improving ROI

The telecom industry is huge and largely commoditized. Service providers struggle with massive volumes of operational processes such as managing data, increasing business agility, controlling cost, improving the customer experience, and developing complex services.

Operational services like customer support, billing, and order fulfillment are increasingly complex and difficult to handle due to the large volume of customers, customized plans, and customer segments. We can help you stop spending time on repetitive processes that prevent service providers from focusing on critical decision-making, while completing more important tasks, and ensuring customer and employee satisfaction at the same time.


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Telecom Stats


Customer satisfaction drops by 30%

if it takes more than a day to resolve an issue with a telecom provider…issues in telecom take an average of 4.1 days to resolve

“8 Ways RPA Is Helping Transform the Telecom Industry” –

Telecom Problems We Solve



High Overhead

Replace paper intensive manual tasks that are expensive and difficult to scale


Low Productivity

Reduce interactions with numerous systems, thereby decreasing turnaround times


Human Error

Rekey data and update data fields easily


Multiple LOB systems

Unify product offerings assumed through growth and acquisition


Federation: One Tool for Digital Transformation

Companies frequently speak to us about modernizing their content management systems and automating their business processes. They often want to know how they can efficiently manage ever-expanding amounts of data…

Zia’s Path to Automation for Telecom

Paper intensive processes require significant manual entry that requires access to multiple systems. This results in companies being prone to human error, teams that are not elastic, and slower delivery times that impact efficiency, accuracy, revenue, and customer and partner satisfaction. Zia can help you improve:

  • Service Delivery/Order Processing: Ensure documents are completed correctly, entered automatically into required systems, and pushed into a workflow to create automatic correspondence when needed.
  • Customer Care: Improve customer satisfaction by providing a streamlined self service portal that reduces time spent iterating with agents.
  • Streamlined application and infrastructure: Automate network traffic currently growing at 40-50% every 12-16 months by using RPA to integrate data shared across disparate systems.

Hyperautomating for Telecommunications, Internet, and Cloud Service Providers


Part 1 –

Learn exactly what hyperautomation is as Brad Steinmeyer, Enterprise Sales Director at Zia Consulting, highlights the benefits of intelligent document capture, and shows you some of the specific and tangible results we have seen at Zia Consulting.

Part 2 –

This video addresses the challenges most companies face, as well as the benefits and impacts you’re likely to experience from implementing RPA. While hyperautomation and RPA are current buzzwords in the industry, Zia Consulting has actually been doing this work for almost two decades. 

Part 3 –

Learn how to put systems in place that allow you to do wrap processes around legacy systems with more ease and less oversight or worry. Stay relevant, productive, and cost-efficient in a competitive market.

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