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Automated Governance for Retail

Manage sensitive data within structured and unstructured data sources

The majority of retail companies have customer information that is unstructured, or from unstructured data sources like Shared drives, SharePoint, Microsoft365, and Box. Companies run into problems when they don’t have procedures in place to find, classify, and manage personal information, while ensuring customer privacy at the same time. 

Customers expect companies to understand their needs and tailor their products accordingly.

However, retail companies must also manage the data in a way that protects the customer’s personal identifiable information (PII) and avoids legal action. 

WHITE PAPER: Bringing Order to Shared Drives

This white paper concentrates on managing sensitive data within unstructured data sources, such as SharePoint, file shares, and Box.


Expectations for Data Access and Storage

Companies want a 360 degree view of their customers and prospects

Consumers have a right to know what information is collected

Companies want a unified technology to manage structured and unstructured data

Customers want to understand who is accessing their information

Privacy-Aware Governance Use Case Spotlight

Experts share their insights on how best to reduce privacy risk and automate compliance requirements for content and files.

Our solutions for retail provide a foundation for having structured, mindful controls and measures in place to manage data, and ensure that it aligns with the goals and requirements of each company. Some other benefits include:

  • Enterprise Content Management: Digitally transform data found in unstructured content into actionable information
  • Data Loss Prevention: Monitor, detect, and block sensitive data that is in use, in motion, and at rest
  • Data Access and Governance: Define the methods, situations, and specific data for which certain person(s) have access and can take action
  • Document Lifecycle Management: Manage document capture, creation, processing, storage and publishing, record managements, and eDiscovery

Problems We Solve with Automated Governance for Retail:



Address structured and unstructured data across multiple repositories from one central system


Ensure Insight into Data:

Provide for seamless deployment, and a comprehensive and continuous understanding of data


Automate Information:

Implement automation with human validation across the governance process


Provide Protection:

Protect personal information, manage compliance risk, and keep companies safe from breaches

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