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Departmental SOLUTIONS

Content management for accounting, human resources, and legal.


Within the accounts payable and receivable departments of many companies, a large amount of documentation is still processed as paper. This happens regardless of whether documents arrive as printed documents or electronic versions such as PDFs, Word documents, or others. To process these documents, many still rely on mostly manual processes, despite studies showing that when companies implement automated invoice processing, their costs are up to four times less per invoice. Whether it’s the paper cost or people cost, or missed supplier discounts or late payment penalties, the impact can be significant for even the smallest of companies.

We have extensive experience providing invoice automation solutions to a wide range of enterprises and agencies across the public and private sector. Solutions include automated invoice processing from any source and in any form; intelligent capture technology for classification and extraction; and the ability to integrate with your accounting/ERP System—not replace it—while providing end-to-end analytics.

Human Resources

From recruiting to termination, the business processes in human resources (HR) are some of the most document-centric part of an organization making it ideal for ECM modernization. While the cost and complexity of HR document processing can be an ECM challenge you face, for some, it’s control and compliance. These concerns are often driven by a lack of adoption of complex legacy ECM systems, and evidenced by continued sharing of HR documents by email, shared drives, or consumer cloud-sharing technologies like Dropbox or

Zia document automation solutions apply role-based case management methodology to the business of processing documents. Leveraging smart templates created for HR use cases, and also the advanced workflow capabilities, your company can process documents from any source (paper, fax, email, upload, etc); utilize advanced annotation and redaction; automate the classification and extraction process; integrate delivery to HR/HCM systems like SAP and Oracle/Peoplesoft; incorporate electronic/digital signatures; and feel confident in secure applicant and employee sites for download, upload, and status.

Corporate Legal

The choice of a document management system has been limited for legal departments. Legacy vendors are complex and costly, and don’t work the way users want to work. This results in an avoidance of the system while users find ways around their ECM system—instead utilizing email, shared drives, or cloud technologies.

The alternative is a legal solution delivered by Zia Consulting. We understand that when systems are easy-to-use and leverage existing tools like Office or Google Docs, the result is increased utilization and an improvement in control and compliance. You’ll receive document and records management—that are as simple as using email or file systems—with powerful, enterprise-class CMS features and functionality. Our customers have seen overwhelming adoption, moved millions of files from shared drives to a single repository, and all with virtually no user training.

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