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Mortgage Loan Automation Systems

Drastically reduce manual labor costs and eliminate errors

New regulatory requirements and enhanced oversight, combined with industry consolidation and restructuring, have pushed banks to look for solutions that can improve a wide range of business processes related to mortgage documents. Previous use of labor-intensive and costly processing methods are no longer possible for banks that want to compete in a market with an average mortgage loan of more than 500 pages and hundreds of document types.

Zia Consulting provides mortgage loan automation systems for companies across the industry. 

We deliver significant cost savings, offer accelerated revenue opportunities, and improve visibility into the process for enhanced compliance and business intelligence.


Join Pat Myers for this demo of Ephesoft Mortgage powered by Zia.

Customer Results


decrease in employee hours spent on classification and verification of data



increase in employee productivity


Mortgage Problems We Solve


Labor Costs

Replace manual processes with automated technology.


Long Processing Time

Reduce lengthy mortgage loan lifecycles with integrated solutions.


Potential Human Error

Reduce errors in classification and data extraction.


Low Customer Satisfaction

Increase accuracy and accelerate loan processing time.

Our Loan Automation Solution Tackles:

Loan Automation for Borrower Documents

Intake of Borrower Documents

The system creates a loan folder with documents that have been automatically classified, extracted, stacked, and verified. This includes structured, unstructured, and semi-structured content from a variety of sources like portal upload, email, fax, and scan.

Records Management

Preparation of Closing Documents

Our solution assembles the right documents for closing packages and ensures that nothing is missing. An automated alert is sent to the appropriate party should a required document be misplaced.

Business Process Loan Automation

Regression Testing

The system can perform regression testing of the classification, assembly, and indexing of data to verify any changes made in the configuration.


Flexible Framework

This solution integrates to line-of-business systems like LOS and servicing systems. It also has the ability to be customized if you desire.


View this introductory video to see how Ephesoft Mortgage can work for you. 

Ephesoft Mortgage Powered by Zia

Ephesoft Mortgage powered by Zia removes the pre-production work required by other systems, as it’s enabled to automatically recognize hundreds of mortgage document types. Ephesoft Mortgage provides a “pre-trained” version of Ephesoft that has been tested against millions of documents. It is also configured to extract data from documents like the Closing Disclosure and Loan Estimate, among others.

This solution allows you to classify, extract, and export information to the system of your choice.

Mortgage Document Capture with Ellie Mae Encompass

Many of our customers have asked us how they can utilize an intelligent mortgage document capture with Ellie Mae Encompass.  We put together a quick video to explain how it can work.

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