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Enterprise Content Management

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If the last 15 years are any guide, the amount of content that businesses need to manage will only increase as more companies adopt mobile, cloud, and social technologies. The challenge will be integrating content across technologies, platforms, and devices; managing content through its entire lifecycle and providing secure access to it.

More than ever, businesses need an effective enterprise content management strategy to manage the creation, sharing, and storing of critical information. Hyland | Alfresco enterprise content management is the solution.


Content management has come a long way—and we find that exciting. See how we work together with Hyland | Alfresco to make your ECM modern and keep your content secure.

Problems We Solve With

Alfresco Enterprise Content Management



Content and process work hand in hand to optimize the flow of information through your organization.


Human Error

Automated record declaration consistently applies information governance policies with little or no user intervention.


Increasing Costs

A modern solution allows for easy implementation and integration with existing systems and lower maintenance fees.


Lack of Scalability

Alfresco Content Services offers the performance, scalability, and security required to manage huge volumes of business-critical content.

Results You Can Expect



Combines process, content, and governance services with rapid application development tools to advance digital flow and innovation.



Built on an open source core with open APIs and open standards support for easy integration and extension and long-term flexibility.



Supports modern development practices and user experiences to accelerate the delivery of engaging business solutions with a low TCO.


Learn how Baldwin & Lyons consolidated multiple ECM systems into one modern platform.

Hyland | Alfresco enterprise content management provides modern software built on open standards that unlocks the power of business-critical content.

With control that IT demands and simplicity that end users love, Hyland | Alfresco open source technology enables global organizations to collaborate more effectively across cloud, mobile, hybrid, and on-premise environments. Innovating at the intersection of content, collaboration, and business process, Alfresco manages more than seven billion documents, supporting 11 million users in their daily work. Improve business processes, eliminate information silos, and experience smarter enterprise content management with Hyland | Alfresco.

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