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The amount of content being generated on an annual basis is growing exponentially. Many companies are looking towards a digital transformation, not only to solve current business challenges and ensure the security of their documents and files, but to build a secure content management strategy for the future. As they evaluate modern cloud solutions like Box, they must consider how they will migrate their content and how it will be ingested into the system on a regular basis.

Box is a cloud content management platform that solves simple and complex content issues—from sharing and accessing files on mobile devices to sophisticated business process management like data governance and retention.

Box gives teams the tools they need to be productive, enables better business processes and workflows, and allows companies to create new applications quickly, creating an engaging digital experience to ensure your content flows seamlessly throughout.

Zia Consulting solves the challenges of content migration to Box and ongoing content ingestion with integrations for intelligent data extraction, classification, and business process management.


Learn how you can automate the classification and extraction of information from a document into Box.

Problems We Solve With



Content and process work hand-in-hand to optimize the flow of information through your organization with a cloud solution that offers ease of collaboration and mobile access.


Increasing Costs

A modern solution allows for easy implementation and integration with existing systems and lower maintenance fees.



Easily achieve visibility, control, and compliance all while minimizing the risk of data loss through central management of content, security, policy and provisioning.


Lack of Scalability

Box Platform Services offers the performance, scalability, and security required to manage huge volumes of business-critical content.

With its ever-increasing popularity, companies looking to utilize Box need a solution partner with a proven track record of successful content migrations.

Zia Consulting is a trusted Box partner who has actively migrated billions of documents into modern cloud content management solutions from legacy and home-grown systems, often consolidating multiple repositories into one system of record.

Additionally, Zia Consulting is one of the only partners to provide solid integrations to Ephesoft Smart Capture® and Captricity handwriting recognition so users can seamlessly ingest content into Box with automated extraction and classification capabilities. This includes data from structured and unstructured content in numerous formats. With these integrations we solve problems such as manual data entry, human error, and slow processes.

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