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We are your business transformation partners, thriving at the intersection of expertise, innovation and strategy to ensure your technology platforms are harmonized for operational excellence and agility. We know your success depends on constant evolution to align with customers’ expectations, outpace your peers, and address the evolving governance landscape.
ECM Solutions to Failed Projects

The Problem: SAP Archiving

SAP transactional and content data grows rapidly in SAP environments. This can have a negative impact on the performance of the application and organization incur steep costs as the volume of data increases. With the sunset of SAP ECC6.0 and the upgrade to S/4HANA in 2027, you need a cost-effective alternative to storing data in the SAP database.

ECM Solutions

Our Solution

Our SAP Content Archiving Solutions are designed to optimize your SAP ecosystem, resulting in faster data retrieval, compliance adherence, and substantial cost savings. We move data from the live SAP system to a separate storage system for long-term retention. Our streamlined alternative optimizes system performance, reduces storage costs, ensures compliance, preserves valuable historical data, and increases the speed of data retrieval. We ensure efficient data management and optimal system maintenance.

Employees are able to spend 50% more time

on high-value tasks by

utilizing modern technology.


ECM Solutions to Non-Compliance

The Problem: Managed Services/Hosting

Many organizations struggle to deliver the full potential of their content management, governance, and automation programs. It may be difficult to deploy new processes rapidly, and gain value by automating time consuming tasks and redeploying valuable internal resources to critical business processes. Learn how you can outpace your peers with 1.2 to 2.7 times greater cost reduction than your migration counterparts.

ECM Solutions

Our Solution

Experience peace of mind with cloud and managed services that are tailored to meet your unique business needs. Our team of experts provide a 360 degree view of industry insights, strategic advisory services, and technology solutions that seamlessly integrate with your business processes. From round-the-clock IT support to proactive system maintenance, we ensure your solution is efficient, cost-effective, flexible, and agile enough to evolve and meet new demands. We understand that your organization is one-of-a-kind, which is why Zia offers flexible options to manage your application platforms on-premise, in your existing cloud, or in the Zia Cloud. Let us handle your cloud and managed services so that you can focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

Often, customers have tried to build their own system numerous times

and failed before calling us.


ECM Solutions to Legacy Systems

The Problem: Hyperautomation

The need for humans to do mundane paperwork and manually import, review, and classify data from documents wastes time and money. It ultimately impacts overall performance and introduces a greater likelihood for error. Tasking high value employees with menial tasks prevents them from doing their actual job and making important decisions for the company. All of this negatively impacts the employee and customer experience.  

ECM Solutions

Our Solution

Transform your business with the power of Hyperautomation, where advanced technologies like AI and machine learning come together to automate complex processes, enhance decision-making, and boost efficiency. Zia’s uses a five-step process that can be applied to new or existing line-of-business applications. This includes Intelligent Document Processing, Business Process Management, Robotic Process Automation, Automated Governance, and Integration.  With our platform, you can customize use while maintaining ownership and control of your data.

Prospective customers

often have numerous content management systems.

We can consolidate that down to 1 .


ECM Solutions Content Chaos

The Problem: Rescue Projects

You may have a failed project if you’ve tried to implement your own ECM system, or have an integrator, and are missing deadlines or experience a slow and ineffective system.

When systems aren’t functioning properly, the usability decreases which leads to user avoidance and a host of other problems. This has a negative effect on your bottom line. We are here to provide you with a summary of your environment, along with feedback and follow up recommendations to identify and prevent any potential issues on the systems.

ECM Solutions

Our Solution

Our assessments are provided by an experienced engineering consultant who analyzes your existing hardware and software environments. The assessment looks into pain points, resource usage, scalability, and troubleshoots common system issues to make recommendations for improvements.

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