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Problems we solve

If you’re struggling with process inefficiencies, human errors, increasing costs, or lack of scalability, the experts at Zia Consulting can develop a customized ECM solution for your needs.
ECM Solutions to Legacy Systems

The Problem: Legacy Systems

If your current systems are not intuitive and processes are complex, they are likely being avoided by employees. If users can’t collaborate on documents or there are version control issues, systems will hinder productivity rather than speed up the process. Some common issues we see around legacy systems include:

      • Lack of innovation and growth
      • Inability to integrate with other systems
      • High cost of maintaining the system
      • Lack of compliance and security
      • Difficulty in finding business-critical documents
ECM Solutions

Our Solution

Zia knows that while many things change in business, one thing stays consistent: the imperative to serve customers, employees, and to grow your business. The only way to meet that imperative—in the face of never-ending digital disruption—is to adopt open technology architectures that can offer both flexibility and intelligent insights. Because of this, we have partnered with the most modern and open ECM solutions on the market today for on-premise, cloud, or hybrid content storage. Each of these platforms allow for rapid development.  

Our ECM migration methodology is tested and proven over dozens of successful migration projects with some of the largest companies in the world. We combine this knowledge with a range of best-of-breed migration tools (rather than being limited to a single tool), allowing us to select the right one for your project. Within your new ECM, you will have a modern, supported system with lower costs, better technology, and cloud solutions.

Employees are able to spend 50% more time

on high-value tasks by

utilizing modern technology.


ECM Solutions to Failed Projects

The Problem: Failed Projects

If you’ve tried to implement your own ECM system, or have an integrator, and are missing deadlines or experience a slow and ineffective system, you may have a failed project. 

When systems aren’t functioning properly, the usability decreases which leads to user avoidance and a host of other problems—resulting in a negative effect on your bottom line. We can help.


ECM Solutions

Our Solution

Our assessments are provided by an experienced engineering consultant who analyzes your existing hardware and software environments . The assessment looks into pain points, resource usage, scalability, and troubleshoots common system issues to make recommendations for improvements.

At the end, you will be provided with a summary of your environment, feedback, and follow up recommendations to identify and prevent any potential issues on the systems.

Often, customers have tried to build their own system numerous times

and failed before calling us.


ECM Solutions Content Chaos

The Problem: Content Chaos

Organizations have massive amounts of content that is poorly managed—or not managed at all. Documents are on shared drives, email, multiple ECM systems, Dropbox, and USB drives. When employees can’t easily find what they need, content is recreated leading to inefficiencies and failures in collaboration. When information isn’t being properly channeled toward your specific business objectives, chaos ensues. Additionally, the lack of security and compliance leaves companies vulnerable to lawsuits and other problems.
ECM Solutions

Our Solution

The management of this content is the largest business challenge companies will face. Zia offers solutions that combine content and processes ways that work best for your organization.

Our ECM solutions are easy to use, secure, and efficient while reducing costs, ensuring compliance, and solving your paper problem through digitization and proper storage of records. When your solution is in place, you’ll be able to better engage with your customers, employees, and partners.

Prospective customers

often have numerous content management systems.

We can consolidate that down to 1 .


ECM Solutions to Non-Compliance

The Problem: Non-Compliance

Legacy records management (RM) system are often designed for dedicated compliance officers, not content creators. They are deployed in a standalone environment, disconnected from corporate collaboration and ECM systems. This duplication of effort, moving documents from ECM to RM systems and back again, adds cost and complexity to information management leading to increased probability of non-compliance from errors in the process.

Nearly every industry is working to comply with ever-increasing regulations, overseen by more regulatory agencies. This compliance is also crucial in order to avoid potential lawsuits. Ultimately, any solution must be delivered in a cost-effective manner appropriate for today’s budget realities.

ECM Solutions

Our Solution

Our Easy RM solutions work the way you do by incorporating tools you use on a daily basis to increase user adoption. Whether it’s “in-process” records management, automated declarations of records, or intelligent rules for file plans, our solutions increase productivity and compliance. Easy RM solutions are built on a single DoD5015.02 certified content hub for document and records management, reducing duplication and wrong version usage.

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