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Read our latest research on content, process, and governance solutions.

COVID-19 and the Mortgage Industry: Transforming Processes with Automation

Read our latest white paper to learn the impact of COVID-19 on the mortgage industry.

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Strategies to Gain the Full Value of Enterprise Content Management

Read our latest white paper to learn how business leaders leverage Enterprise Content Management to cut through the noise of unstructured data and make informed decisions.

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How to Accelerate Your Business with RPA

Read our latest white paper to learn how RPA can accelerate your business by automating tasks, eliminating human errors, and empowering employees.

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Using Digital Handovers to Transform Information Exchanges

The energy exploration and production (E&P) sector is considered a high-risk, high-reward industry that is fraught with many content challenges due to heavy information exchanges from joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

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Revisions, Versions, and Approvals
in Process Manufacturing

Managing content in a process manufacturing environment, where inspections and testing and plant turnaround maintenance are a common practice, requires an understanding of concurrent change management and the important distinction between revisions, versions, and role-based approval workflows.

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ECM Migration Without Disrupting Your Business: Seven Steps to Effectively Move Your Documents

Planning your ECM migration is just as important as selecting and implementing a new ECM system. It’s not something you hastily add to the end of an ECM roll out. You need to plan your transition just as you plan your ECM architecture and implementation or risk failure of the entire project.

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The 4 Cs of Moving to Cloud Content Management:
Redefining Enterprise Content Management

Zia Consulting partners with Box to provide a Cloud Content Management platform that enables a full suite of content service applications. These applications span business processes that work and integrate with processes originating from data centers to SAAS systems. According to a recent study from AIIM, there is no better time to start your digital transformation process. Automating information management and furthering your digital transformation maturity makes dollars and sense.

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Bringing Order to Shared Drives: Introducing Privacy Aware Governance

This white paper concentrates on managing sensitive data within unstructured data sources, such as SharePoint, file shares, and Box.

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The Value of Structured Authoring and Component Content Management

Find out how structured authoring and component content management can benefit your organization today.

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ECM Strategy for Lasting Change

This white paper outlines how to incorporate content strategy techniques in a way that drives success for ECM platform projects, aiming to ensure impactful, lasting change.

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Accelerating the Claims Process: Reduce Costs and Enhance Customer Satisfaction

For those in the insurance industry looking to optimize their claims processes, our white paper will guide you through a solution accelerator model that can be applied to your business. See how our work with best-in-class technology platforms—integrated with core claims systems you already have in place and existing business processes—can rapidly deliver cost savings and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Better Together: Creating a Content Solution Ecosystem that Truly Delivers Results By ASG Technologies and Zia Consulting

Many enterprises have realized a return on investment when implementing specific, stand-alone content management solutions. Fair enough. However, a modern enterprise-wide, end-to-end content solution platform – which combines a variety of technologies to help businesses more strategically meet a myriad of challenges – can enable organizations to significantly change how they do business and multiply their ROI.

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Your Future with Content Manager OnDemand:
Things to Consider and What to do Next

For current or prospective customers of Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD), the 2016 IBM announcement of their partnership with UNICOM for future development left many wondering where they stand. While IBM maintains that nothing has changed from a business perspective, it appears that the future of CMOD is uncertain.

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