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Automation in the Staffing Industry

Automate manual processes, improve resource satisfaction, Increase job placements, and accelerate revenue growth.

Temporary and contract staffing firms play a vital and positive role in the U.S. economy by matching hiring companies with qualified job candidates.

Doing this can be challenging as there are many manual processes at every stage of the hiring and placement process. While the industry has modernized in some ways, it still faces inherent business model challenges that have revenue producing recruiters working at a fast pace on structured tasks that reduce the time for consultation and world class service. The effect of this industry wide legacy process is a  slower hiring process for the contingent employee and reduced  profit to the staffing agency due to optimal process not being utilized with the power of automation. Ultimately, inefficient processes can result in fewer successful placements and loss of revenue.

Manual processes impact every department in a staffing firm. Recruiters work with disparate systems to identify candidates. Additional tasks include manually completing job postings, formatting resumes and coordinating interviews, making it challenging to submit candidates in a timely manner. The front end operation employees also deal with challenges, such as manually setting up weekly time cards and reconciling them with payroll. Having accounting employees manually reconcile invoices wastes time and erodes the capital needed to cover operating costs. Our automation solutions will save you money and time, while improving the customer and employee experience.

ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION is the Next Chapter of the Staffing Industry’s Development – Part 1

Learn how to automate the sourcing process


Staffing Stats

Positions filled by staffing firms
account for


of the United States workforce.

It is projected that staffing firms
will be responsible for


dollars globally in 2023.

 Problems We Solve in the Staffing Industry


Lost Candidates

Remove barriers associated with manually profiling, communicating via email/text, scheduling, interviewing, and onboarding


High Turnover

Decrease recruiter frustration by giving them more time to interview qualified candidates, instead of doing repetitive manual tasks


Delayed Recruitment

Increase productivity and incoming revenue by accelerating the entire process


Poor Contractor Experience

Improve the new employee experience by implementing a standardized, automated onboarding process

Which types of organizations can benefit from working with Zia

Capture for Insurnance Document Automation

We offer solutions that optimize traditional staff augmentation, contract to hire, direct hire and managed services solutions.

Handwriting recognition for insurnace document automation

Our solutions serve both Professional and Commercial staffing firms.

Content repository for insurance document automation

Enterprise Automation solutions can support staffing firms of all sizes, ranging from regional firms to industry leaders seeking to deepen their competitive advantage.

ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION is the Next Chapter of the Staffing Industry’s Development – Part 2

Learn how to leverage automation to optimize the recruiter workflow experience.


Why Work With Zia?


Zia helps you grow your accounts!


Our staffing industry expertise allows us to speak the language of the operating departments and IT.


Zia approaches IT problems at the Enterprise Level, guiding planning beyond the content repository.


Zia will help move your customers' repositories and applications to the cloud, whether that be AWS, Azure, or Google.


They integrate repositories, workflows, and records management into the staffing systems of record.


Zia will help you define requirements for operating departments and IT initiatives.

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