As I write this article, companies in my community and across the world are being forced into digital transformation on the fly. Much of the workforce flocking to work from home. Before the pandemic, digital transformation was more of a competitive strategy. Now, digital transformation will be essential to business survival.

Zia Consulting has identified the components of digital transformation that we believe every company must adopt to remain competitive in their industry: 

The rapid onset of Covid-19 changed our realities, and companies scramble to shoehorn their existing technology capabilities to address a remote workforce. In a matter of weeks, companies across the globe significantly changed how they do business. This is why businesses must aggressively address digital transformation now more than ever. We implement strategies and technology to address these components for companies of all sizes.

Zia’s Core Values

The purpose of this blog is not to promote Zia Consulting and our capabilities around digital transformation. Instead, I would like to share with you the Zia Consulting core values and set up a resource of sharing for our customers and those in our global community:

Zia Core ValuesThroughout my career, I have been a leader at various large organizations. I participated in the process of creating a culture and instilling core values across organizations. More often than not, those attempts had little impact or failed. It is difficult to create an amazing culture.

At Zia, the leadership and employees took their existing core values and culture and simply wrote them down. Every day, I am thankful to be part of this company. Our leadership steers the company based on our core values. Our employees power the company by holding dear to these core values. During my interview process, it became clear that the Zia family had caught lightning in a bottle. I wanted to be a part of it. You are probably asking what this blog  has to do with the above-mentioned non-profit and the Zia core values. Bear with me, I am about to bring it home.

The Idea Behind “A Hero’s Welcome”

I am a navy veteran, and for years I have been kicking around an idea for a non-profit to thank veterans returning from war and deployment. One day, I hope to find the time to make this non-profit happen. I am not worried about someone reading this blog and taking the idea. I hope that someone runs with the idea, because my heart will not let it go, and I know that someone might be able to take this concept to reality. 

My concept is called “A Hero’s Welcome.” There are many programs offering specific support for veterans, but most programs are rife with red tape. My idea is to simplify the pairing of needs and resources for veterans and their families. If you have a need, we will find a resource. If you have a resource, we will find a need. For example, if you have extra tickets to the game you can’t go to, or a vacation condo you are not using for the weekend, we could find a vet that could use those. From a hairdresser with an empty spot on the schedule, to a construction company that has an afternoon to put in a new sidewalk, there are a multitude of untapped resources available.

Veterans with a specific need could reach out and ask if there is a resource available and we could search the network to meet the need without a ton of process. Most veterans do not have disposable income to do non-essential activities. This could be a great way for us to thank them for their sacrifice and service. The devil is in the details and I know I have a lot to work out to make this happen. 

Connecting Zia’s Core Values with “A Hero’s Welcome”

As companies struggle to find a way to keep employees safe, stay in business, and support a growing remote workforce, there is a need to pair resources with need. Zia has an arsenal of technology and expertise to immediately help companies address their struggles. 

Aside from our technology and process expertise, we have “Awesome Smart” people at Zia with a diversity of knowledge and a desire to help. For example, I have a background of helping companies move to cloud. I have expertise from working at several Fortune 500 companies in securely deploying a remote workforce with cloud communications, virtual desktop, audio and visual conferencing, and business continuity. 

I am willing to help by providing information, answering questions, and connecting companies. The Zia family has expertise that can help our global community. If you have a need or question, we will help find the resource or answer, and if you have a resource, we will help find the need. These needs, questions, resources, and answers can be personal or business related. We’re embracing our network of compassionate and caring people and sharing ideas on how we survive and thrive during a difficult time.

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