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All of Zia’s teams must be Awesome Smart to thrive. Maintaining the status quo doesn’t fly. Each quarter, we set ambitious team and individual goals that wouldn’t be achieved without persistence, accountability—and perhaps most importantly—Awesome Smarts.

Senior Director of Marketing Emily Long said that while EVP and Co-founder Pat Myers exemplifies all five of our core values in numerous ways, he continues to impress by being Awesome Smart.

“When the stay-at-home orders were enacted, Pat immediately thought about ways he could serve the community to the best of his ability. While he engaged in multiple charity undertakings, the most Awesome Smart thing he did was create the Professor Pat series. Pat works on customer projects, heads up our Ephesoft practice, helps create our overall strategy as a company, manages a department, and has a family at home. Still, he volunteered his time to offer free consulting each week to anyone who wanted to attend. 

“Every Wednesday for two months, Pat presented on the most cutting-edge aspects of capture technology and performed live demos. He took questions from the audience related to capture and he always had answers.

“When it comes down to the details of the Ephesoft software, Pat has the solution. We should have named the series ‘Stump Professor Pat’ to see if anyone can throw him. I don’t think anyone could! He presents with energy, expertise, and a desire to help people. His knowledge is endless and he’s using it for the greater good. I’m proud to be Pat’s colleague and friend!”

Solutions Architect Won Sim said that his teammate, Nathan McNeel—also a solutions architect— is Awesome Smart. Having a co-worker like Nathan is particularly important when they’re willing to share information at the drop of a hat. 

“Nathan knows Alfresco inside and out, and he has saved me a great amount of time. Otherwise, I would have spent many hours—or days—searching for an answer. He is the most knowledgeable person that I know of at Zia when it comes to Share. 

“Oftentimes he knows the answer to my questions from top of his head. Nathan is willing to help at any time, as long as he is not tied up with another meeting.”

Thank you, Pat and Nathan, for being clear examples of Awesome Smart, and for inspiring our company. Be sure to check out the other posts on the Excellence at Zia series. Also, we’ve created a library of the Professor Pat recordings and invite you to watch and pick up some new knowledge on capture technology.

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