The world needs compassion, especially now. We value extending compassion to our greater community, and also to each other, our customers, and our partners. At Zia, family comes first. We offer flex hours, or “uber flextime,” so that family demands can come first. Furthermore, we value our customer beyond the dollar amount they bring to us. We exceed expectations as a way of life. This is how we instill our values into our company’s culture. To this end, Compassionate and Caring is one of Zia’s core values.

Zia Invests in Giving

Zia Invests in Giving provides an outlet for Zia to positively impact society by collectively or individually expressing our talents and passions through charitable actions.

Our corporate-sponsored initiatives include Parent Engagement Network, Bridge House, and Wylder Nation Foundation. Our employee-sponsored initiatives are too many to name here. We’ve included a partial list here. Areas of giving include health, human rights, transportation, public radio, therapy dog visits to the elderly, and more. We constantly strive to make the world a better place—both as a company and as individuals.

Compassion and Caring at Zia

For illustration, Executive Administrator Pat Mahon noted that Enterprise Sales Director Brad Steinmeyer didn’t hesitate to perform life-saving measures in the office. A colleague choked, and lost consciousness. Brad is well-versed in first aid, and immediately helped. He later gave a talk to the entire company about how to properly assist choking adults and children.

“Since I have gotten to know Brad as a coworker, but also as a friend, his personality blooms compassion for people. 

“He has offered without hesitation to help with moving, rolling yards, and anything else we might need. Brad is the first to give compliments to anyone and the special part is that he is real. He’s genuinely compassionate toward everyone around him.”

Additionally, Principal Solutions Engineer Ernie Bahr said that Enterprise Sales Director Steve Studer exemplifies Compassionate and Caring:

“Steve is the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back. Years ago when I had my own company and Steve was at IBM, he worked to help us get our products introduced with some of his people. He also pulled us into some interesting product ideas. 

“We work together now on sales accounts, and he always tries to view the deal through the eyes of the customer. Steve is constantly trying to see how we can provide the maximum amount of value for the available budget. 

“More importantly, he strives to build long-lasting relationships with customers and partners. He knows that long-term relationships bear much more fruit over time than high-value, short-term relationships. 

“I am honored to know and work with Steve. He also is a great deal of fun to be around. He always has a good joke for any occasion and puts the people around him at ease. Steve is not only an asset to Zia, but he is also a great person. We are lucky to have him.”

In addition to Steve’s work at Zia, he is the secretary of the West Linn Lions Club/Lions Club International and Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation. Brad actively participates in Zia’s effort to support Bridge House.

Thank you, Brad and Steve, for being Compassionate and Caring, and helping us all do better. Read the rest of our Core Values series to get a sense of what Zia is about.

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