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Popcorn breaks, ping-pong, potlucks, puppies, people—these are some of the things that make Zia a great place to work. Creating a sense of community offers a delightful change from the traditional workplace. Integrating opportunities to get to know each other, stay engaged in what matters,  provide support, and have fun has strengthened our friendships and improved how we work together. We truly enjoy spending time with one another beyond the confines of our work relationship.  

Since Zia has always supported working from home and limited travel, people slid right into fully remote work when the pandemic hit. As time passed, staff started to miss the community, the camaraderie, and of course, the puppies! The Zia Culture Club was born out of our desire to maintain a sense of connection. Below are some of the things our Culture Club has done as the pandemic lingers.

Stress Relief Workshop

The pressures of full time remote work, isolation, and pandemic stress can be overwhelming. Zia hosted stress relief workshops to provide support for employees. The workshop taught the fundamentals of mindfulness and encouraged us to change our perspective on stress.

Yoga Nidra

The popularity of the stress relief workshops showed that Zians were eager for more help relaxing. To build on that momentum, we scheduled a series of Yoga Nidra sessions. These provided guided meditations that lull a person into a state between awake and asleep. Most people reported feeling rested and focused afterward. 

Book Club

The fact that many Zia employees are avid readers gave us another opportunity for connection.  We established a book club via Zoom that allowed us to share our love for different genres. Interests at Zia ranged widely, including genres like science fiction, mystery novels, history and historical fiction, non-fiction, and current events. You will see just how diverse our selection was by reading the books listed here: The Dog Stars, Ready Player One, The Boys in the Boat, A Gentleman in Moscow, Skipping Christmas, The Vanishing Half, Siddhartha, Pachinko, and Raven’s Shadow. Check them out if you are interested in some good reads!

Drink Snipers

Whether it’s kombucha, fancy tea, whisky, or wine, Zia’s drink snipers discovered and delivered favorite drinks to a few employees every month.  While the pandemic prevented true sniping (dropping it on the doorstep, ringing the bell, and running!), delivery services gave us the ability to surprise our colleagues with a fun drink.

Beyond the Pandemic

As we begin to see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, the Culture Club is planning to continue creating opportunities for connection with safe, in-person gatherings. We’re looking forward to a summer filled with open-air potlucks and games. Though we’ve been apart, in many ways we’ve grown closer during these challenging times. Plus, work is more enjoyable when you really get to know one another and enjoy each other’s company. 

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