Many people merely think of capture as a means of turning paper into electronic documents. At this time, around 75% of companies are not paper free. Collaboration is still a part of the digital world and people must be able to process documents and drive business processes. Companies are recognizing the need to decrease paper dependance and find ways to automate.

However, there is much more to it. Not only does turning paper into electronic documents hold the power to automate processes, but to provide a strong ROI. In his Content Solutions Summit presentation, Pat Myers, Co-Founder and Capture Lead at Zia Consulting, discusses how Zia is assisting customers with making capture automation real. In one use case, he described how AP automation provided a $7.50 decrease in the cost per invoice—that adds up to a significant savings per month for enterprises.

Learn more about capturing digital transformation the benefits of automation in the full video here. To see how we can transform your business, contact us today.

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