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Zia Consulting Provides Complete Failover and High Availability System with MariaDB for State Agency


  • Industry: State unemployment insurance
  • Use Case: Benefits and tax documents
  • Technology Partner: Zia Consulting


  • Alfresco
  • Ephesoft
  • MariaDB


  • Zia Consulting Assessment & Services
  • Ephesoft Transact
  • Alfresco Content Services
  • MariaDB Platform with Remote Database Administrator (RDBA) Service


  • High availability architecture resulting from implementing MariaDB to work in concert with Alfresco and Ephesoft.
  • Utilizing the MariaDB Remote DBA allowed the customer to have expert database support without having to hire or train internal IT.
  • The MariaDB team constantly monitors the health of the databases so they can be proactive if any issues arise.

The Challenge

A state agency is tasked with providing safe working conditions, a productive workforce, and access to workforce development services. It manages Unemployment Insurance for the state, providing a variety of services to businesses and workers by collecting taxes, maintaining a trust fund, and making payments to jobless workers. They also hear and decide on administrative appeals regarding unemployment insurance benefits.

The state agency subscribes to Alfresco and was not using the subscription to its fullest capacity. Zia Consulting helped the agency to better utilize their Alfresco and Ephesoft solutions by implementing the MariaDB database platform.

The Strategy

First, Zia Consulting produced a Proof of Concept for the state agency. At the time, the customer had data stored amongst five content management systems: two IBM systems, OpenText, and three others. Zia Consulting migrated the data to a single repository, and implemented Ephesoft for adjunct legal publishing into Alfresco and automating processes for unemployment insurance benefits. Zia Consulting also implemented Alfresco integrations into the unemployment portal, and mainframe integrations for outgoing records via Alfresco. This ensured the client extracted the most value and utility from Alfresco.

In the process of discussing the main archetypes, the customer pointed out that they did not have the capability to maintain their database. The customer’s application is mission critical so it was important to implement a supported enterprise open source platform and have access to world class support from database experts. The team implemented MariaDB Platform, including the use of MariaDB MaxScale for high availability and automatic failover.

“Leveraging enterprise MariaDB and the Remote DBA support team not only created a high availability system for our content but also gave us access to experts to monitor and maintain our databases,” the client’s IT Bureau Chief said.

The Results

“With regular security audits and performance reviews, our MariaDB Database is easily one of our most reliable solutions,” the client’s IT Bureau Chief said.

The MariaDB Remote DBA team can remotely detect any issues with the database and work with the team to resolve issues even before they may be detected by the customer. Additionally, the customer no longer deals with the maintenance issues of the database. MariaDB brings the subject-matter expertise needed to successfully handle inquiries and monitoring.

Zia Consulting created a clustered disaster recovery strategy, but still had an issue with the same capability within the database. MariaDB Platform paired with Remote DBA service delivered load balancing, monitoring of the system, and created a hardened solution all the way to the database level. Before this solution, the customer had a single point of failure at the database. MariaDB prevents this by implementing automatic failover and access to a Remote DBA team that gives constant tuning and monitoring of the database.


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