Secure ECM for Law Firms

ECM for Law FirmsFor many Am Law 100 law firms, the choice of a document management system has been limited to a small number of legacy vendors with complex and costly offerings that users are forced to accept, rather than working the way they want to work. The result is “ECM avoidance” with users finding ways around their ECM system–utilizing email, shared drives, or cloud technologies.

Today there is an alternative: Secure ECM for Law Firms, powered by Alfresco and delivered by Zia Consulting. Zia understands that when systems are easy-to-use and leverage existing tools like Office or Google Docs, the result is increased utilization and an improvement in control and compliance. Our Secure ECM for Legal solution delivers document and records management that’s as simple as using email or file systems, with the power of enterprise-class CMS features and functionality.

Secure ECM for Law Firms deliver role-based legal case management with Alfresco, enabling users to see the right content, at the right time, based on their business role. Highlights include:

  • Simple Internal AND External Collaboration
  • Email and Office Integration
  • Enterprise Search
  • Mobile Matter Management
  • Simplified Records Management
  • Document Migration Tools

Zia’s Secure ECM for Legal addresses the tug-of-war between the “wants” of users and the “needs” of Enterprise IT by delivering Simple + Smart + Connected + Controlled solutions.


  • Simple Collaboration – Internal & External
  • Email & Office Integration
  • Enterprise Mobile
  • Enterprise Search & eDiscovery


  • Workflow Automation – Initiation, Collaboration, Review
  • Tasks & Reminders with email/calendar integration
  • Hidden Rules & Behaviors
  • Document Assembly (Clause Library)
  • Electronic Signature
  • Integrated File Plans – Electronic + Paper


  • Email Integration – Outlook + Gmail
  • Productivity Applications – Office + Google Docs
  • Enterprise Viewing / Annotation / Redaction
  • Billing / ERP Applications
  • “Paperless” Solutions with Intelligent Capture


  • Easy Records Management
  • Auto-classification
  • Retention & Disposal Policies
  • Legal Hold
  • Simplify IT – Deploy, Manage, Support – across departments & offices, around the globe


Featured Partner: SeeUnity with Secure ECM for Law Firms

logo-seeunity_1Many legal departments are tired of expensive, complex legacy ECM systems, where ECM avoidance is more prevalent than user adoption. Zia has teamed with SeeUnity to deliver Secure ECM for Law Firms, targeted at Fortune 500 Corporate Legal Departments and AmLaw 250 Law Firms. Utilizing SeeUnity’s modules, Zia helps organizations move away from legacy legal ECM systems such as eDocs and Worksite, either through migration or co-existence with those technologies.

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