MTNow: Multi-tenancy Solution for Alfresco


Zia Consulting’s MTNow is a packaged solution built with Alfresco providing secure multi-tenant ECM for both the Public and Private sector.  Whether you are an enterprise requiring a multi-division solution or with a need for secure collaboration, a government agency looking for a multi-department solution, or a service provider offering content management within your own solution, MTNow delivers what you need with a cost-effective approach.

Creating a multi-tenant Alfresco environment using MTNow allows an organization to enable numerous user groups to share the same application and database instance—greatly reducing cost and resource allocation over running Alfresco Enterprise conventionally. However, Alfresco Enterprise will still be highly configurable and customizable to each group with MTNow, just as if deployed on a dedicated server.

MTNow supports several key Alfresco Enterprise features not currently available with Alfresco’s out-of-the-box multi-tenancy solution including:

  • Records Management
  • Delete Tenant
  • Inbound Email
  • SharePoint Protocol Support
  • LDAP/AD Integration
  • And Much More

Why MTNow?

MTNow can decrease major expenditures—both in cost and labor—related to hardware, licensing, deployment, and integration of Alfresco Enterprise, removing barriers to full implementation and wide-spread usage. Multi-tenant instances of Alfresco can be deployed more quickly and easily than configuring numerous single-tenant instances and have proven enterprise scalability. This multi-tenant solution is then easier to maintain and upgrade as new releases of Alfresco only have to be implemented in a single instance.

Key Features of MTNow

  • Templates for Multiple Provisioned & Secure Sites
  • User & Content Segregation for Data Privacy
  • Individual Branding per Site
  • Separation of Site Workflows
  • Separation of Content Models by Site
  • Integration with LDAP/AD
  • Security Provided Through ACLs
  • Delete Tenant Capability
  • Supports Multi-tenant Records Management

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