The Zia and PaperClip partnership will create solutions to automate and optimize complex workflows involving handwriting and images.

Zia and PaperClip, Inc., a leading provider of products and services that enable digital transformation and secure communications, have announced a partnership. This will allow for integration of the PaperClip Mojo service into the Zia suite of offerings. This integration will help customers access and utilize data from handwritten documents and images, within minutes of receipt, in order to optimize business processes, improve decision making, and enhance the customer experience.

PaperClip Mojo introduces a new paradigm for the digital transformation of data, both handwriting and text, from documents. This patented technology brings together the best of technologies, leveraging the scalability of cloud computing and the effectiveness of crowdsourcing for big data processing. These combined methods have proven to be the best way to reach the highest levels of accuracy for going from big data to useable data. Mojo’s unique process embraces confidential information by removing context and even slicing sensitive values into SnipIts whereby the crowd source workflow never receives the entire value. The ability to approach big data through thousands of small simultaneous actions creates turnaround times never before seen. Processing thousands of forms and freeform pages within seconds is where big data begins. Founded on four pillars—security, accuracy, speed, and economics—Mojo helps organizations to automate and enhance complex document workflows for turnaround times from days and hours to minutes or even seconds.

“We are excited that Zia has engaged with us to integrate the Mojo service into their solutions. By integrating the Mojo service to perform the digital transformation, we believe that together we provide the most secure, accurate, fastest and best ROI solution for changing the paradigm for data acquisition in the market today,” states Suzy Tuck, vice president of sales, PaperClip, Inc.

Zia creates solutions that connect seamlessly to existing systems to provide analytics, security, and automated content management. With PaperClip Mojo, companies are able to engage crowd sourcing for big data processing. The ability to transcribe, translate, and interpret data faster and more accurately allows companies to quickly see a return on investment. Through cloud computing, processes that took days and hours can be completed in minutes or even seconds. Machine learning, specifically deep learning neural networks, continues to increase machine and handwriting recognition levels while crowd sourcing provides required Six Sigma quality control process and machine training.

“Through PaperClip Mojo, we will be able to create solutions that can handle any data source our clients may have,” said Ryan McVeigh, managing partner and vice president of sales at Zia Consulting. “We’re thrilled at the accuracy PaperClip provides and how it will help businesses streamline their processes.”

To learn more about how the PaperClip partnership can help you automize your workflows, contact us today.

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