Web Experience Management

As internet users are increasingly exposed to massive amounts of information, a customized and streamlined experience on your website is essential. Your website needs to be accessible from numerous devices, appealing to a wide audience, and able to grow with your business in order to drive what websites are meant to produce—more business.

Crafter Software enables the creation of rich and engaging websites, mobile applications, and multi-channel digital experiences. The company’s software solutions are based on the award-winning Crafter CMS open source project, which was built from the ground up as a modern platform for creating more relevant web experiences through targeted delivery of tailored content. Serving as the lynchpin between back-end enterprise systems and end users, Crafter’s solutions enable marketing, sales and support teams to harvest analytics and data-driven insights in customizing and delivering content across all digital channels – the web, mobile, social, and more.

Zia’s Solutions for Web Experience Management

Alf_Partner_of_the_year_2013As Crafter Software is built on top of Alfresco, Zia is a natural fit for WEM solutions. For companies looking to build more engaging websites, Zia provides assessment, pilot, and proof-of-concept services. From there, Zia offers Crafter architecture and design services along with Crafter installation and integration. For a truly customized user experience, Zia delivers integrated mobile solutions. All of these solutions are offered in a public or private cloud.

Features of Crafter Software

Crafter consists of two major applications – Crafter Studio and Crafter Engine.

Features of Crafter Studio Include:

  • Dynamic, easy-to use dashboard
  • In-context editing
  • Multi-channel preview
  • Custom Types and Templates
  • Page Structures
  • Custom Forms
  • Workflow-based publishing
  • And more…

Features of Crafter Engine Include:

  • Foundation to build web and mobile apps
  • Java and REST-based APIs
  • Support for plug-ins.
  • Scales out simply and horizontally

Visit craftersoftware.com to learn more.

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