Recently, we co-hosted a webinar with ASG Technologies entitled “New Approaches for Addressing Consumer Privacy Regulations with Mobius.” We often hear about companies who are struggling to keep up with new regulatory and corporate policies. With this new wave of consumer privacy regulations and the explosive growth of unstructured data, organizations are being to rethink how they define, implement, adhere to and track their content governance practices.

Traditional approaches—often manually executed tactics—are siloed, expensive, inconsistent, and not scalable. A fresh approach is required when it comes to governing these large volumes of content and wide array of data types that are spread across disparate systems.

During the webinar, ASG and Zia Consulting discussed best practices for addressing consumer privacy regulations, including:

  • Defining content policies to comply with governance and regulations
  • Managing the enormous volumes of electronic records with a solution that automates all processes
  • Using ASG Mobius to create a granular, event-based retention and deletion process

To watch the recording, click here. For further information on how we can help your organization meet regulations, contact us today.

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