Unlock the Power of Captricity Handwriting Recognition to Optimize Your Business Processes

With the majority of critical business processes still relying on paper, it is common for employees to have to type in the information from handwritten forms. This leads to processes that are error-prone, time consuming, and expensive, leaving analytics teams unable to access the most valuable customer data. Many legacy capture solutions are unable to effectively deliver handwriting recognition and are expensive, hard to scale, require extensive IT resources, and lack end-to-end workflow logic. Our cloud-based solutions are quickly implemented—in weeks, not months—are 99.5%+ accurate, and have a simple pricing model with easy integrations.

During our webinar, Mike Mahon, CEO and Co-Founder at Zia Consulting, and Eric Howse, Industry Specialist at Captricity, discussed these issues and how our joint solution can help. Together, we solve three significant problems many organizations face such as:

  • Processing handwriting on structured, semi- or unstructured content
  • Reaching the OCR accuracy needed to >95%
  • Security of extracted content
    • PII, health, financial, and other protected content

We have the ability to guarantee the extracted information can be accurate to 99.5% and that it is secure. The value received is accuracy, same-day turnaround time, enterprise-grade security (100% HIPAA compliant), ROI in 3–8 months, and infinite elastic platform scalability. Additionally, high-value employees are able to devote >50% more time to important decision-making tasks.

Eric walked us through two use cases, one operations and the other analytics. Operations involves using Captricity day-to-day to eliminate manual entry, analytics involves using Captricity on archived/historic documents in order to unlock missing or unavailable data.

Operations Use Case

Colonial Penn needed to digitize large numbers of life insurance applications during peak business season when they received thousands of apps a month through scans and emailed pdfs. Processing teams were bogged down processing simple applications that didn’t really need their review. Captricity handwriting recognition provided straight-thru processing of applications allowing them to skip the queue and the processors to focus on more high-value tasks.

Analytics Use Case

A large company needed to extract dark data from 1M+ death certificates. There is no easy access to cause-of-death data from the certificates and, because they are filed at a county level, there are 100s of templates to identify, sort, and capture. Captricity enabled big-data analytics for underwriting innovation to, specifically, improve fraud detection capabilities leveraging patters found in historical customer data.  

Implementation of a solution is easier than many think. We are able to create a step-by-step project in just 1–2 weeks where we identify a workflow to build a clear business case around. The customer provides a batch sample of documents, together we determine critical data fields and basic business rules, and then run sample documents through Captricity. Their data science team then performs an analysis of this sample data.
Click to hear the recorded webinar on Captricity handwriting recognition or view the slides. To learn more or for a customized demo on how we can bring your company efficiency and a fast ROI, contact us today.

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