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Premier Rocket Partner

Trusted partner for content ingestion, migration, and integration services.

Companies everywhere are facing increased competition, shrinking IT budgets, and heightened compliance regulations which is disrupting “business as usual” and forcing the move towards more agile content services.

Zia has partnered with Rocket (formerly ASG Techonologies) to provide modern content solutions for customers powered by Mobius and Data Intelligence. We work together to plan for your future by implementing solutions that adjust, grow, and improve, so they work for you now and can scale down the line. Zia was the first Rocket information management partner and reached Premier status in a record time. This is because we focus on doing things that we believe will yield the highest ROI. We also have a proven track record of delivering solutions on time and within budget.


Learn why Zia has partnered with Rocket to provide modern content solutions for customers powered by Mobius and Data Intelligence.

Why Work With Zia?

Zia Consultants Average 15 Years of ECM Experience

First Rocket Information Management Partner

Premier Partner Status

95% Customer Retention Rate

Rocket Solutions We Provide:


Mobius Content Services



ASG Data Intelligence



Ryan McVeigh, Managing Partner at Zia Consulting, describes his time at EVOLVE19 and their partnership with ASG.

We chose to partner with Rocket because both our companies are led by experts who understand content challenges and have pioneered technologies to capitalize on the real benefits of consolidating, migrating, and streamlining content. They take these learnings and use them to identify wins for the business that align with your cloud/hybrid strategy.

In order to mitigate risk and improve security, our teams implement and enforce governance and compliance with lessons learned and a best-practice approach.

Through our tried-and-true methodology, we will discover small steps that will lead to dramatic change for your company—digital transformation for digitization, federation, and process automation.

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