Being “Driven and Hardworking” is tightly coupled with our other core value of Getting the Right Things Done. Getting the Right Things Done includes being attentive to strong and positive outcomes in the face of many competing (and sometimes conflicting) demands. It means staying in lockstep about where we’re headed. It means simultaneously tracking new requirements or solutions and adapting accordingly.

Being Driven and Hardworking is the core value that enables us to drive towards the right results together. What is the worth of talent without the ability to execute? That’s why Driven and Hardworking is one of Zia’s values. Fortunately, Zia has proven and documented processes. We trust what we know works, and we don’t overthink it. This way, our employees spend more time concentrating on the tasks at hand. Internal coaching is available to all our employees to strategize how to achieve goals and solve problems efficiently and with compassion. Junior and senior folks make use of coaching regularly.

Operations Reliability Engineer Luis Colorado said that Solution Architect Vijay Prince exemplifies the value of Driven and Hardworking. 

“Vijay has no fear of jumping into a new technology to grasp its secrets, even making use of his own time. He has worked for weeks on his own time to learn more about new technologies. He later created useful blog articles and submit proposals for Alfresco’s DevCon conferences. This year DevCon will be virtual—we need to keep that pesky virus away—but the fruits of his hard work will be very real and present, elevating Zia’s profile, and us with it.” 

Chief Architect Bindu Wavell also works with Vijay, and echoed the sentiment.

“Our partners and customers have been moving towards containerization strategies over the last few years. Vijay Prince noticed a looming inflection point between customers being interested in this technology to customers wanting to use it in production. Vijay invested personal time to learn about the technology. Then he worked with Zia leadership to create an area of excellence around Docker and Kubernetes. He is working to share his learnings internally to level up our team and externally to help our partner communities. This tenacity exemplifies both being Driven and Hardworking and Getting The Right Things Done.”

At Zia, we are proud to have such a colleague, who is not only savvy, but that inspires us to be better. Great job, Vijay! Read the rest of our Core Values series to get a sense of what Zia is about.

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