Connected Case Management

Featuring Alfresco Workdesk

Across the public and private sector – from government to financial services to healthcare to legal – enterprises and agencies are implanting case management solutions – uniting people, process, and content, and centralized around the concept of a case, rather than any specific workflow or group of content.  Focused on delivering “the right content, to the right people, at the right time – in the right location”, crucial elements of a case management solution include:

  • Role-based Case Management UI integrating content and processes
  • Multiple business process associated with a single case
  • Varied content types and various content locations associated with a single case
  • Flexibility and simplicity allowing business users to modify case system

Why Now?

In virtually every organization, whether a private enterprise or government agency, there is an ongoing struggle to address the exponential growth in the volume of information and the importance of that information.  At the same time, the expanding number of “multi-channel” sources of information from paper to email to electronic content, is requiring organizations to find a different approach.   Finally, the demand to provide the “best of both worlds” with enhanced service levels to constituents while at the same time reducing costs, has led many towards modern case management solutions.

Introducing Alfresco Workdesk

Alfresco Workdesk is a business solution that includes the Alfresco enterprise content platform. Offered on a per-user basis, Alfresco Workdesk comes with everything you need to streamline your transactional content-centric business processes. With a focus on configuration over coding, Alfresco Workdesk is able to be customized to your unique business process and requirements much faster than general-purpose document management user-interfaces. And because Alfresco Workdesk is built using the CMIS open content standard, it can optionally be integrated with existing content repositories, allowing you to migrate users off of legacy, costly ECM platforms.

Benefits of Alfresco Workdesk include:

  • Streamline content-centric business processes to save time & money
  • Business role-based approach allows users to focus on just what they need to do
  • Flexible interfaces, such as mobile, allow business processes to go anywhere
  • Focus on configuration, instead of coding, speeds time to deployment
  • Built on Alfresco, for unmatched ECM total-cost of ownership & performance

 Business Critical Case Management:

  • Benefits & Claims Management
  • Banking, Mortgage, or Insurance Applications
  • Matter Management
  • Contracts Management
  • Incident Management
  • Fraud Management
  • Permits & Filings & Matters & more…

 Zia’s Connected Case Management Toolbox:

  • Alfresco Workdesk for Case Management
  • Document Management “Content Hub”
  • Workflow, Search, and Email Integration
  • Capture of “Paper” Content
  • Records Management / Retention
  • Mobile Case Management with Alfresco Mobile Workdesk

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