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As a partner of ASG Technologies, Zia Consulting sent a team of enthusiasts to the EVOLVE19 conference in Dallas, Texas. In addition to the obvious perks of live country music and mingling with some of the best minds in enterprise content management, the conference offered four distinct tracks. They were: Enterprise Data Intelligence, Content Services, Enterprise Systems Management, and Digital Transformation. 

Here are our takeaways from the Content Services track.

Mobius 10.0 introduces interesting new features

  • Federated redaction — This allows you to create centralized policies that can redact content that are being shown in by Mobius View across multiple repositories. Say you use Mobius View to view content not only within a single repository such as a Mobius document server, but also SharePoint or other CMIS compliant repositories. Federated redaction allows you to redact content that shouldn’t be seen in multiple document classes across any of those repositories (e.g., social security numbers, credit card information, etc.). The Mobius 10 release continues moving the user interfaces towards modern web based UIs. It also provides support for the cloud.
  • Policy services — Policy services allow an administrator to create rules. These rules can specify what actions different users and user roles can perform against different document types. This allows for finer grain control and better overall governance. These policies apply within Mobius View, and at the API level. Any integrations will also be governed.
  • A preview of what’s to come in 10.1 — Enhancements are planned for Audit & Analytics Services 10.0 to integrate with Mobius workflows. In 10.1, additional capabilities will be included to integrate with an enhanced rules engine.

The technology demos at EVOLVE19 were captivating

Machine learning demos captivated EVOLVE19 conference goers. The demos showed intelligent capture and classification of video and image content. This included using AI services to assign metadata to the content in a Mobius repository. The conversation extended into break-out sessions. Attendees discussed future capabilities such as machine learning and how it might be applied to help customers and industries.

We enjoyed a demo on ASG-Zenith. Zenith is a SaaS-based business platform. It ties content from the repository with Business Process Management (BPM), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and user interfaces. This enables process-driven applications to be created in a no-code/low-code framework. Zenith includes a Studio UI that includes a Visual UI modeler, process modeler, and preview capabilities. ASG invited customers to be part of the beta release happening towards the end of the year. (Full disclosure: Zia is part of the beta program, and we will share our experiences in future blog posts.)

There’s a strong community around ASG’s technologies

Interacting with conference goers interested us as much as the demos and talks about the future of ASG products. We discussed how to solve problems with ASG architects and product managers. In fact, they provided some insight into some questions I had around the Mobius REST API.

Likewise, we heard from customers and partners that use ASG products to solve their problems. Carol Chapman shared how they used Audit & Analytics Services (AAS) to solve reconciliation issues at American National Insurance. If you missed out on any of these talks, check out a few recordings.


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