Content Solutions Summit 2017: Solving the Challenges of Content Management

A successful event is in the books! We’re thankful to all those who attended the Content Solutions Summit 2017 and were engaged throughout the day with questions and comments. Attendees were able to gain knowledge from presentations and forge relationships with peers.

We kicked off the day with Mike Mahon, CEO at Zia, who took the stage to discuss the state of the ECM industry. He discussed four areas of investment that are driving the ECM market and what firms are focusing on in order to transform their digital business. These areas include:

  • Usability
  • Digitization and analytics
  • Process automation
  • Transitioning to the cloud

Our keynote presentation—delivered by
Andrew Sosa, Group Lead–Business Process Solutions at Church Pension Group—entitled Modernizing Business Processes and Enhancing Governance discussed how CPG worked with Zia to rescue a failing ECM implementation. By digitizing more than 100 years’ worth of records, enhancing system performance, automating processes, and maintaining compliance CPG is poised to continue moving forward while continuing to make business users happy.

Following Andrew, Ephesoft EVP of North American Sales, David Talarico, spoke on The Digital Transformation Challenge: Six Keys to Successful Initiatives. He talked about how the past decade has seen dramatic changes for technology leaders in the corporate world as customer expectations have been shaped to an instant service expectation. Thankfully, there are some amazing and innovative technologies that can be catalysts to meet these demands. He discussed the key factors to consider in digitally transforming your organization to be more agile and responsive, while mapping these factors to advanced document capture solutions.

Andrea Lagan, Customer and People Success Leader at Alfresco Software, spoke on Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Achieving “Flow” in the Digital Age. The intense focus on digital transformation is not just hype—but fundamental for future business success. In the digital era, information and processes should work together in an end-to-end integration, an uninterrupted flow for the client, the employee, and the business as a whole. Information should find the right users at the right time, without thought or effort for the user. Attendees learned how to accelerate an organization’s path to digital transformation by first understanding where they are on the path to digital transformation and then developing a strategy to seamlessly connect people, processes, and information and ensure success in the new digital age.

Before the lunch break, Nowell Outlaw, Director of Alliances and Channel Programs at Captricity, spoke on Rethinking OCR and Processing Handwritten Forms. The AI-powered data capture solution from Captricity extracts and enhances data with 99.5% accuracy from any customer channel—including handwritten documents—and delivers it seamlessly into downstream systems and workflows. Thirteen of the top 20 US life insurers use high-quality, normalized data from Captricity to deliver business insights that increase revenue, lower costs, and drive a deeper understanding of risk.

After the lunch break, Pat Myers, EVP and Co-Founder at Zia guided attendees through How Capture Powers the Digital Transformation. Many people merely think of capture as a means of turning paper into electronic documents. However, there is much more to it—not only does it hold the power to automate processes, but to provide a strong ROI. Pat discussed how Zia is assisting customers with making capture automation real.

Jean-Baptiste Ronfard, Product Manager at Snowbound Software, then spoke on Speeding up the Claims Process. Companies are in a constant race to stay ahead of the competition, find ways to reduce costs, and still increase throughput while keeping customers happy. While it may seem like a daunting task to do more with less, it is possible if you leverage the right technologies. He shared how VirtualViewer® HTML5 viewer can expedite your claims processing with streamlined collaboration, ensure remote access to claims, and enhance automated compliance and archiving efforts.

Partnering with Fujitsu to Make Your Life Easier was presented next by Shawn McGrath, Regional Field Account Executive at Fujitsu Computer Products of America. He asked many questions content and records managers are asking themselves on a daily basis. Do we have important paperwork? Is our current process for managing paper-based documents cumbersome and time-consuming? Are we experiencing delays in billing or transfer of information that may be costing money? Or are we just tired of spending hours a week with paper? Fujitsu is here to help. Fujitsu has been providing industry leading document imaging solutions to all types of businesses for decades, freeing up time to allow better efficiency so that you can spend your time on more important parts of the business.

Closing out the day was a panel discussion on the state of the ECM industry. The panel consisted of:

  • Andrea Lagan, Customer and People Success Leader at Alfresco
  • Mike Mahon, CEO and Co-Founder at Zia Consulting
  • Ryan McVeigh, Managing Partner at Zia Consulting
  • Pat Myers, EVP and Co-Founder at Zia Consulting

The expert panel answered questions submitted throughout the day on the latest technologies, best practices, and planning for the future, as well as an open discussion with the audience.

During the day, attendees were able to spend time with sponsors Alfresco, Ephesoft, Snowbound, Captricity, Fujitsu, and SeeUnity. This time offered networking opportunities as well as learning about new technologies and best-in-class strategies.

Videos of the presentations of the Content Solutions Summit 2017 will be available soon. Until then, learn more about how our solutions can help you by contacting us today for a personalized demo.

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