This year’s AIIM Conference conference was, as usual, a great success. Thank you to all who stopped by our booth. We hope you were able to play our Cars in Jars guessing game—and a big congratulations to our winners!

The focus of the AIIM Conference 2018 was on digital transformation, covering insightful Intelligent Information Management (IIM) topics such as:

  • The advantages of automation
  • How to modernize information infrastructure
  • Information governance and how the cloud can improve your strategy

On Thursday, Box hosted a session on “How the Cloud Can Actually Improve Your Information Governance Strategy.” We hope you were able to hear this talk but, in case you missed it, we recently co-hosted a webinar on the topic of “Effective Cloud Content Management with Box.” The discussion was around how Zia and Box are building a simple, powerful, and intelligent approach to content management—watch the recording here. The webinar also covered:

  • How Cloud Content Management and an open, extensible platform supports digital transformation
  • Specific use cases and solutions that Zia builds on Box, such as customer portals, workflow applications, collaboration, and more
  • A live demo on new machine learning capabilities to intelligently automate processes from end-to-end

When building a content management strategy, it’s difficult to support the needs of users, customers, and back-office processes when leveraging on-premise ECM systems. Maybe that’s why 65% of users with legacy ECM systems report issues with unsanctioned file sharing tools and only 22% have access to critical content on their mobile device, according to a recent AIIM survey.

If you’re looking for document automation solutions leveraging modern, intelligent capture technology, handwriting recognition, and the most modern cloud content management systems available—contact us today for a customized demo. You’ll learn how automating your document processes increases productivity and decreases human error.

To learn more, contact us today!


BoxWorks is the annual Box event of the season where you can meet everyone from Box executives, Box product experts, our top customers, industry-leading thought leaders and thousands of your peers.

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