Over the last few years we, at Zia, have had the privilege of participating in several training sessions on ASG Mobius and other related products. We also have been able to take several versions of the online training.

A few weeks ago, ASG gave us the opportunity to participate in the internal training. ASG provided training to Sales Engineers and Professional Services consultants along with the launch of Mobius 10.1. 

The original intention was for much of the material to be presented in person. However, due to travel restrictions and social distancing practices, the training was turned into a pure virtual experience. Much of the material was pre-recorded. There were some Microsoft Teams sessions for recaps, Q&A, and for diving deeper into a few topics.

This training was fantastic and consisted of some self study ahead of time based on provided reference material related to: Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, SSO, REST APIs, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. This was generally quality information but also did not go into too much depth. ASG presented the course over 5 days (Monday-Friday).

ASG Mobius 10.1 Topics

  • Cloud Trends and Terms
  • Deploying Mobius using Docker
  • Deploying Mobius on AWS using Kubernetes
  • Demo2Win system
  • Mobius Security
  • Mobius REST API
  • What’s New in Mobius 10.1

The Cloud Trends and Terms material was a first rate presentation that will be valuable to most folks in enterprise content management. There was some information here focused specifically on how ASG Mobius is positioning themselves with customers that want to deploy on a cloud environment. However, the majority of the presentation consisted of current and useful information that could be applied to many different enterprise software vendors considering a cloud push.

The refreshed focus on supporting cloud deployments and the final push away from requiring a Windows machine for administration has resulted in ASG offering Mobius packaged into an official Docker container. We got to deploy Mobius locally using Docker Compose and saw how easy it is to deploy Mobius into Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services.

At this point, we shifted towards a system for defining and presenting technical demos. The system is very general and can be applied to pretty much any technical demonstration scenario. Providing for both great knowledge transfer and an ability to be agile with how the information is presented.

After considering how to make an amazing demo, we focused on how to use the Mobius REST APIs. We wrapped up with a bunch of quick demonstration videos. 

New and updated functionality in ASG Mobius 10.1

  • Revision Control
  • Mobile Capture
  • Metadata Correction
  • Metadata Correction Workflow
  • Data Miner
  • Role Management
  • Policy Administration
  • Distribution Services

Huge kudos to ASG, their effort to transition from in-person to online training for 30-40 people in short order paid off. The pre-recorded materials are a great asset going forward for new sales engineers and consultants. Participants came away with a solid understanding of what’s new in the 10.1 release and were given some key insights into the current product strategy and direction. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about Mobius from ASG.

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