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Upgrading to a Modern Mobius Solution


Financial Services Company


ASG Mobius


Migration from Mainframe to Linux


Significant cost savings in future hardware and IT resources

The Challenge

For decades, this company archived different types of reports into Mainframe Mobius, and they integrated with several of their custom applications. In this case, they wanted to modernize Mobius and improve the performance of the archival process and integration with other legacy applications.

The Solution

Zia Consulting, Inc. engaged with the company to understand their problems and needs for migrating from Mobius for Mainframe to Mobius for Linux/Windows. We also extended the areas to other systems and business users who interact with Mobius to understand their overall problems.

Based on the analysis, Zia provided a few solutions to upgrade Mobius for Mainframe to Mobius Linux, and deploy Mobius in Azure and Amazon clouds without disturbing legacy custom applications and daily processes. Each of the proposed solutions has multiple phases to minimize the impact on the business. The new solutions involve data model change, data migration, security, incoming data process, integration with other applications, new user interfaces for the end-users, and cloud deployment.

Before the proposed solutions, the company processed the data multiple times to extract necessary data from the content before reaching the final destination within Mobius. Our solutions provided a streamlined process to extract the required data in one path. This reduces the overall processing time and frees up the hardware resources. In addition, this is a cost-saving method for them, as Mobius can process more data with fewer servers.

The data migration requires changing the data structure in the modern Mobius system because the database is more robust than DB2. Since there are billions of files, Zia provided plans to minimize the system downtime for the end-users.

The Results

Several custom-built systems interact with Mobius. Unfortunately, the Mobius upgrade means the application programming interface (API)’s are also changing, and it can break the integrations. To minimize the impacts to these legacy systems, Zia provided a solution that these systems do not need to change.

Converting the Mainframe to the Linux system and deploying them to the cloud saves millions of dollars toward future hardware and IT resources for the company.  Also, it enables them to find the resources much easier to manage the system in the future.

The company was ecstatic with the recommendations and proposed solutions. They expressed how valuable it was for setting their short-term, midterm, and long-term roadmap. This project enabled us to provide solutions that supported their business outcomes.

We would love to support your organization in achieving outcomes like this. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs. We would enjoy the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with your business and support you along the way.

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