For most organizations, the vast majority of invoices are still processed as “paper,” regardless of whether they arrive as printed documents or electronic versions such as PDFs, Word documents, or others. To process these invoices, many accounts payable departments still rely on mostly manual methods, despite studies showing that companies who have implemented automated invoice processing see costs that are up to four times less per invoice. Whether it’s the paper cost or people cost, missed supplier discounts or late payment penalties, the dollar amount can be significant for even the smallest of companies.

Join Zia Consulting and Box on November 7th to learn how we can digitally upgrade and streamline your invoice process. We’ll demonstrate how the Zia AP Cloud Powered by Box incorporates:

  • Intelligent document capture for content ingestion, classification, extraction, and validation into Box
  • Offer your vendors a view into your process to avoid costly interruptive phone calls or emails
  • Enhanced business process management solutions for quick and efficient workflows in the cloud
  • Provide visibility into your cashflow management with proven analytical tools to monitor the effectiveness of your processes and people
  • Seamless integration with critical LOB applications required to manage your invoices and payments

With our Zia AP Cloud solution, you can reduce errors from manual data entry and avoid penalties and fees from late or incorrect payments.

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