If you are a current customer of Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD), the 2016 IBM announcement of their partnership with UNICOM for future development may have left you wondering where you stand. While IBM maintains that nothing has changed from a business perspective, they have significantly reduced the CMOD sales team and are no longer handling support. Therefore, it appears that the future of CMOD is uncertain. Current or prospective customers should consider three things when analyzing a product that has recently been sold to another corporation:

  • Can the new provider deliver the support you need to be successful with a product they didn’t build?
  • Are they truly committed to the product’s features?
  • Are they trying to lock you into a proprietary cloud service?

Zia Consulting and ASG Technologies will host a complimentary, one-hour webinar Tuesday, January 30, 1PM EST. During this event, attendees will hear discussion around the challenges of maintaining the CMOD platform and offer an alternative solution: Mobius by ASG. Zia and ASG have experience in the intricacies of a CMOD rollout and customization as well as in the planning and execution of migrating from a mainframe (or other legacy)  repository to Mobius—on-premises or in the cloud. Representatives from both organizations will be on hand to answer questions.

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