Led by industry expert, Steve Studer, the complementary event will educate attendees on leading tools that can automate and improve business decisions.

Zia will host a webinar on March 5, 2019 focusing on the content management needs of the energy and utilities industry. Streamlining Information Transfer for Energy and Utilities is an hour-long event sharing the latest in automation and the management of streaming and static data.

The speed at which content and information flows between organizations that manage energy and utilities infrastructure is growing exponentially. With the amount of collaboration that must occur between owner operators, engineering procurement and construction companies (EPCs), and the gambit of state and federal regulatory bodies, it is imperative for organizations to identify and mitigate any potential disruptions to the information flow.

Steve Studer, of Zia Consulting has worked with a wide spectrum of these organizations and provided insights and best practices around effective content management and change control. During the event, we’ll talk about his experiences in providing frictionless information transfers between organizations, systems, and the people and processes supporting them. Some of the concepts Steve will touch on during this session include digital handovers, effective content creation and dissemination, and information audit and analytics tools that can automate and improve business decisions.

Key points of the webinar include:

  •      Managing streaming data as well as static documents
  •      Documents of record versus version noise
  •      Content dissemination and consumption
  •      Content federation
  •      Audit and analytics
  •      Content retention and governance

Those who register before the event will receive Steve’s latest white paper, “Using Digital Handovers to Transform Information Exchanges.” Register for this complimentary webinar today.

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