Can your claims system keep up with your customers’ expectations?

Yesterday’s insurance companies have targets to meet their service-level agreements in order to avoid fines from the insurance commissioner. Today’s top insurance companies realize that simply avoiding fines isn’t enough to satisfy their customers.

Slower moving insurance companies are utilizing multiple claims systems that don’t talk to each other. Many times these claims systems don’t even have similar user interfaces, so training new claims examiners takes longer.

These companies are still opening mail with claims information manually or printing off email attachments just to scan them back into their system of record to submit and start a claim. This can mean it takes DAYS before a claims examiner even sees a document related to the claim after the insurance company has received the information.

Eric Howse
Zia Consulting, 
Enterprise Sales Director – Chicago

Additionally, these insurance companies are using claims systems that are unable to generate reports robust enough to keep self-insured customers happy or attract new self-insured customers.

Today’s top insurance companies are utilizing solutions from Zia Consulting to provide a unified interface for all of their claims needs. At Zia, we can display information from multiple claims systems and make changes back to those claim systems depending on the status of the claim. We also provide comprehensive reporting for the tracking of all of your key performance indicators within your claims department. We’ve even done document ingestion automation that took one of our customers from a document ingestion cycle of two days down to 15 minutes!

We would be more than happy to provide a free assessment of your department or insurance company to see where you can reduce redundant work and streamline your current business processes. Contact us today to learn more.

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