A few years ago, one of our customers came to us with a problem—a growth goal that they were looking to hit but just couldn’t get there. They were knocking it out of the park year after year with record sales, but they couldn’t get their current customers to renew.  This meant their growth rate was flat when it should’ve been climbing all along.

Instead of looking at their renewal delivery process, we looked at their new client on-boarding process.  Similarly to many of their competitors, this company did close to 60% of their business in the fourth quarter of every year, because the majority of their customers renewed every January first. 

As we dug deeper, we realized that when on-boarding a new customer, depending on what lines of coverage were being setup, as many as 12–15 systems of record in five to eight different business units needed to coordinate information entered into them before the process was complete.

Eric Howse
Zia Consulting, 
Enterprise Sales Director – Chicago

With such a large volume of new business coming in at once, and so many systems to coordinate, delays were inevitable. We then discovered that many customers with January 1 effective dates weren’t seeing a first bill or a copy of their policy until April 1. Needless to say, this insurance company wasn’t getting off on the right foot with a lot of their new customers. When your touch points with your customers are already typically limited, making a good first impression is key to renewing a policy.

Utilizing solutions from Zia Consulting, you can streamline your on-boarding process so that when large amounts of new business come in, you’re able to handle the expanded load and get your customers the information they need so that you don’t end up losing them at renewal. By migrating your information to fewer systems can increase your revenue and keep customers coming back. See how we helped one insurance company migrate 10 million documents in just seven days in our case study.

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